It is the time of year when all you want to do is eat and hibernate.

Add to that stress eating from all the preparations and extended family times and it seems impossible to avoid over doing it!

But you can avoid the Christmas Belly Bulge by just adding a few more healthy choices throughout the Christmas season to lessen the quantity of over indulgences and also increase the quality of what you are eating to simply balance everything out.

Follow these four simple tips for you and your family:



Have a Party Plan

Is it essential to be proactive this time of year to ensure you balance out the fun with still looking after yourself and what you consume!  You don’t want to undo all the good work you have done to date and honestly, you can easily put on up to 7lbs in a week of overeating and drinking.

That said, you can enjoy Christmas parties with a few easy preplanned strategies.

Firstly, decide which ones you are going to- pick and choose and don’t day Yes to everything.  A few parties are OK but if you decide that you are just going to take the whole of December to eat, drink and be merry you will certainly undo all your good work for sure.

Then decide what you are going to do in lead up to the party (reduce a few calories the day or two before) and on the morning of the party.

Do not skip meals or fast on the day you intent to over eat or drink.  It is essential you still consume your usual 30g of protein for breakfast and drink plenty of liquids early that day. If you are going for an early lunch, then ensure you have healthy snacks for when you get home that you will still enjoy that aren’t as bad as a kebab or pizza.  We usually crave fat when we consume alcohol so get the hummus in!

Eat raw accompaniments at meals or at Christmas parties

Eating raw fruit and vegetables with meals aids digestion and overall heart health. Studies have shown that accompanying meals with raw vegetables and salads will help all the fat (especially animal fats) to digest more easily and protect your heart health during digestion.

Have a fast or juice day

A fast day or a juice day is where all you do is drink liquid (and perhaps eat only raw snacks) and is a great way to not only get lots of good nutrients into your body but a great way to give your digestive system, liver and kidneys a break.

Do not fast on the day before, during or after a Christmas party outing.  Plan one in for that week when you are getting back up to speed.  Be sure to add Milk Thistle teas into your fast or liquids day to help support your liver.

Make sure you juice vegetables as well as fruit to balance acidity and the key here is to have big glasses and drink water and herbal teas in between. You may experience headaches which is a sign of detox or dehydration so just drink more water but you will definitely feel better for it the next day and your liver will thank you!

This is why I am a great proponent of Intermittent fasting for staying lean and why is a integral part of my own 7 day cycle and that in the 28  Day Warrior Goddess Body programme.

Balance alcohol with lots of water

I think my new mantra in life is to just tell people to drink more water! This is so true during times when we tend to consume more alcohol. Before you have a drinking session, drink lots of water beforehand, drink a glass for every two of alcohol and try to avoid that hungover feeling by drinking a pint before bed. Then the next day try to double your intake (and eat a banana and drink some Vita Coco coconut water for the potassium) which will help you to recover quicker.

The 28 Day Warrior Goddess Body Programme is a great way to avoid the Christmas Belly and keep your tummy flat and can be used as part of a full programme to lose weight or to get your health back on track after an indulgent Christmas season! Find out more here >>


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