5 Alternatives to Toast for Breakfast

White carbs are just not good for you.  At all. And most wholewheat carbs contain gluten and it is just not good for you either. Let me share with you WHY. The main reason to avoid white foods is chlorine dioxide which is just one of the chemicals used to bleach flour (even if later made brown again which is a common trick), combines with residual protein in most of these foods to form alloxan. Researches use alloxan in lab rats to induce diabetes. That’s right... to induce diabetes! This is the bad news if you eat anything white or enriched. So don’t eat the white stuff if you want to get larger! One of the greatest things you can do for your health is to go gluten-free. Wheat wreaks havoc on your internal system, igniting disease-causing inflammation and stopping up your gut, so it can’t digest properly. No matter how much you like pasta, pastries, cookies, or pizza, I’d encourage you to seriously consider going gluten-free.   Your body will thank you.   By now, most people know that gluten is causing a great deal of trouble for many people who are either living with Celiac disease or have a sensitivity to gluten....
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