Class Description


  • Following different formats of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), As many rounds as Possible (AMRAP) or Partners style training of only upper body exercises.
  • Thursdays 6.15pm 
  • 1 hour
  • Instructor: Lisa Barwise

STRONG class is the upper body strength building kettlebell class that focuses on shoulders, back, arms, core and delivers on strength inside and out.

Strong might start with the body, but it soon develops into the mind and character too.

Focusing on developing a strong core, arms, shoulders and chest delivers on strength- inside and out.

Working on strengthening and toning major muscles groups including triceps, shoulders, back and core, you get a whole bucket of benefits from building of lean muscle here. Strengthening these muscles means a stronger back and neck and the most amazing toned arms and shoulders to show off in vest tops and strapless dresses.  When you build lean and strong shoulders you balance out especially for pear shaped Goddesses.

What other Goddesses say,

“I put all my concerns about being too old/ unfit/ weak aside & signed up for the 6 week introductory course early in 2017. I’m so glad that I did- Although it was challenging the small classes and careful instruction meant that I never felt overwhelmed & the course prepared me well for the Graduate Classes. Strength has become so much more important to me as I‘ve got older , and I particularly enjoy Strong Class- I like that there aren’t too many of us , and that Lisa keeps things interesting ( and fun) by mixing things up and introducing new challenges .

Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Strong Class


STRONG: Upper Body Kettlebell Workout including Snatches, Clean & Press, Shoulder Presses, Tricep Extensions, Chest Presses, Tricep Extension, Bicep Curls, Back Rows and Turkish Get Ups, Press Ups, Planks, Core and Ab finishers followed by yoga style stretching to build strong shoulders, arms, back and chest and core.

DAY: Thursdays

TIME:  6.15pm

DURATION: 1 hour

WHAT TO BRING: Just yourself and lots of water, unless you are a monthly member then just grab your own bottle of water or Vita Coco.


Mobility warm up, 30 minutes of upper body exercise circuits using HIIT or AMRAP style training, upper body yoga stretching series.

The amount and order of your own Exercise programme is outlined in the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Handbook and is dependent on your strength, fitness or fatloss goals that you determine for yourself.

Options and Packages for Booking:

1/  Pay as you Go £10 a Class
2/  Block Bookings 10 sessions for £75
3/  Monthly & VIP membership £60/£75

You can access purchase options and set up your student account here

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Timetable of all WGKBT Graduate Classes

To attend any of our Graduate classes you must have completed either:

6 Week Beginners Programme
Our 6 week introduction course is the perfect place to begin your fitness and strength journey, and a great way to get fit, strong and curvy! The cost for this 6 week programme is £50. Full details here.

2 Hour Beginners Workshop
Not 2 hours of working out, rather a unique and careful combination of nutrition for fatloss insights, mediation, kettlebells, HIIT training, yoga and kick ass sweat session, all designed to leave you feeling empowered, inside and out. For all levels, from enthusiastic beginner to active ladies. Full details here.

Progressing to Graduate Classes 

Graduate Pay as You Go Bookings are valid for 30 days, 10 Session Block bookings are valid for 4 months and Monthly/VIP Membership is a 30 day rolling membership without any contracts to sign but requires 30 days notice to cancel. Full details here.

Learn more about our Refund & Cancellation policy here.

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