How to eat to and train during Perimenopause to live symptom free, get stronger and change your body shape


Level 1: 6 Week Program

Did you know an intelligently designed menopause strength training program — combined with some key nutrition changes — can have a HUGE positive impact on menopausal women?

It’s true! While nutrition and exercise each have their own unique benefits for menopausal women — when you combine the two, you supercharge your results.

  • Learn the basics and build an injury-proof foundation
  • Work 600 muscles in only 4-minutes without moving your feet! No push ups, turkish get ups, burpees, jumps or high impact or intensity exercises
  • Knee, wrist and shoulder safe – low impact movements
  • Progress in a safe and logical way that maximises results whilst balancing your hormones
  • Add easily adopted daily nutritional habits to supercharge your results and live symptom free



How to eat during perimenopause to live symptom free

  • Learn the basics of anti inflammatory eating: gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, plant focused, high fibre.
  • Nourish your body with plant focused, high protein meals
  • Support with your Green Goddess Smoothie
  • Eating the rainbow with a plate of colours
  • Add easily adopted daily nutritional habits to supercharge your results and live symptom free


Level ALL: Full Body + Strength Transformation

Discover once and for all how to exercise, eat, and drink to achieve body shape change – fat loss and building lean muscle-  that is truly life changing, no matter your age or stage of life.

  • The last program you ever need to buy as it grows and changes as you change and grow- for all stages of your hormonal life stage and where you are at right now.
  • Skyrocket your metabolism and burn more fat
  • Strengthen and condition your body from head to toe
  • Use circuits, tabata, flows and more to continuously make progress
  • Full nutrition program with meal plans, recipes, tools and support
  • Mindset Tools to get unstoppable momentum towards your goals
  • Access the WGKBT App + Digital Studio
  • Full Group Support with Lisa and coaching team in dedicated Facebook group