Class Description


  • Fierce, fun, Martial Arts Style fitness drawing from all the best known martial arts of Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu and Tai Chi
  • Mondays 7.15pm
  • 45 minutes
  • Instructor: Bronagh Taylor

KICK ASS class is our school of bad assery, offering an empowering, fun and fierce sweat session to leave you feeling strong, powerful and truly kick ass inside and out.  

The class where Warrior Goddesses come

to truly kick ass and bring out their inner super hero.

Have you always had a maybe not so secret desire to be like Buffy,  Xena or Woman Wonder?

And you like the idea of being a bad ass but don’t want to spend the hours it takes to train in just one discipline or the bruises to your body or ego with contact fighting?

Learn all the best bits from martial arts, boxing and kick boxing without the contact (no one gets punched) plus you get all the body sculpting and calorie burning benefits of these ancient fitness and strength forms.

What other Goddesses say,

“I love kick ass as I always leave with a smile on my face! My co-ordination leaves a lot to be desired but the workouts are great cardio exercise and any frustrations you have when you walk in are gone when you walk out! Bronagh’s energy is infectious!.”

Don’t be put off by the name! I decided to give it a go as it was something different and loved it from the first class.
It’s a great workout and I always get a sense of satisfaction when it’s finished.   My fitness and coordination has improved week on week which is great too!!

“We all need a bit of kick ass in our lives. From the very start of class the great music and challenging, but fun, moves will keep you on your toes (literally). You’ll kick and punch your troubles away and come out bouncing! Monday night Kick Ass makes my week!”

“I really rate kick ass, I am the most unco-ordinated person but it matters not. This is a high energy, high fun class that really gets the heart going. It starts the week off in great style. Rebecca is a truly inspirational teacher I dare you not to enjoy it!”

Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Kick Ass Class


KICK ASS: High Energy, Full Body Sculpting Cardio Workout including moves from Kick Boxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Kung Fu, Tai Chi. Each move is broken down prior to each circuit being taught.  Delivered in interval training rounds of 3-5 minutes to seriously fun and motivational tracks to sculpt the body including bootie, strong legs and obliques as well as working to strip your core with a serious calorie burn and high energy boosts!

DAY: Mondays

TIME: 7.15pm

DURATION: 45 mins

WHAT TO BRING: Just yourself and lots of water, unless you are a VIP member then just grab your own bottle of water or Vita Coco.


Cardio warm up, Move breakdown and drills followed by rounds from disciplines of Kickboxing to Muay Tai to fun and fierce fitness tracks plus a yoga style stretching series.

Options and Packages for Booking:

1/  Block Bookings 8 sessions for £80 valid for 60 days
2/  VIP Unlimited Monthly membership from £85 per month

You can access purchase options and set up your student account here

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Timetable of all WGKBT Graduate Classes


  • Monday 6.15pm-7.15pm – CURVY
  • Monday 7.15pm-7.45pm – KICK ASS
  • Monday 8.15pm-8.45pm- YOGA HIIT
  • Tuesday 6.15am-7am – LEAN
  • Tuesday 6.15am-7.15pm – CURVY
  • Tuesday 8.15pm-8.45pm –  BOOM
  • Wednesday 5.15pm-6.15pm- CURVY
  • Wednesday 6.15pm-6.45pm- YOGA HIIT
  • Wednesday 7.15pm-8pm- STRONG
  • Thursday 6.15pm-7.15pm – STRONG
  • Thursday 8.15pm-8.45pm –  BOOM
  • Friday 6.15am-7am – LEAN
  • Saturday 11.15am-12.15am- WARRIOR
  • Saturday 11.15am-12pm – SCHOOL

To attend any of our Graduate classes you must have completed our:

28 Day Beginners Programme
Our 4 week introduction course is the perfect place to begin your fitness and strength journey, and a great way to get fit, strong and curvy! Accessing up to 3 Beginners Sessions a week plus Unlimited Yoga HIIT classes.  Suited for complete beginners to those a little more active wanting to add strength training to their existing workouts. It can suit even the busiest of schedules. The cost for this 4 week programme is £75. Full details here.

Progressing to Graduate Classes 

8 Session Block bookings are valid for 60 days and Monthly Membership is a rolling membership with either a 12 month commitment or cancel with 30 days notice commitment. Full details here.

Learn more about our Refund & Cancellation policy here.

Timetable of Kick Ass Classes

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