Discover the benefits of a judgement-free plant based diet, the answer to endless energy, better health and lifelong weightloss.

7 Day Easy Guide to Becoming More Plant Based

Grab your FREE guide, 7 day menu plan and recipe book that takes you step by step towards a ethical plant based diet.

Here’s how this guide will help you:

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What is a Plant Based Diet?

There are many ‘diets’ and viewpoints on plant based eating. But you don’t have to fall into a ‘definition’ or be put in a ‘box’ to enjoy the many benefits of eating more plant based.

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The Ethics of a Plant Based Diet

Learn about what and when to eat to boost your metabolism to lose fat and build lean muscle.

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What are you going to be eating?

A detailed list of healthy plant based foods including smart proteins and healthy fats.

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7 Day Plant Based Menu Plans

From 25% to 100% plant based.  Would be perfect for those experimenting with cutting back on meat, Vegetarians moving into Veganism and those curious of what a 100% Vegan diet looks like.

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80+ health boosting plant based recipes

This includes breakfasts, juices, smoothies, lunches, dinners and snacks

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Frequently Asked Questions

A whole page of those frequently asked questions about becoming more plant based including tools, resources and top tips.

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I don’t like vegetables

“I’ve never been much of a healthy eater, or even a vegetable lover, but this programme got me to try lots of different types of food I never would have looked at before. Now that I’ve finished the 7 days, I’ve incorporated a lot of the meals into my regular diet, because they were so tasty.”- Barbara

Small changes that amounted to big changes for my body

“This was my no means hard, I was never left hungry and even by the end of the day I still had enough energy to get me through the evening homework, dinner, next day prep madness. In my mind I only made small changes but they amounted to big changes to my body.”- Nicole



Waistline decreased and energy increased

“I’ve dropped almost 2 dress sizes as a result of following this for 28 days and have more energy than ever before. The recipes are easy to follow and if you can get into the habit of meal prepping and being organised in advance then you will find that you can follow the meal plans without any problems.”- Debi

Who is Lisa Barwise?

I’m Lisa Barwise, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Naturopath, Plant Based Diet Specialist based in Belfast in the UK.

I consider myself the Kick Ass Wellness Alchemist on a mission to support the transformation of strong women around the world: strong of mind, body and character.

​As a personal trainer I also teach kettlebell training and educate women on eating the right thing, at the right time for the right purpose and I’ve been lucky enough to reach ladies of all ages from their late 20s to early 60s in all corners of the world with my online programmes. I believe it is my fun and enthusiastic approach to fitness and health that helps them to reach their body and lifestyle goals. 

You can read my full story here.

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