What are your goals for 2020?


Hold on, let’s back up a bit.

I mean, I’ve asked you for your goals but maybe you don’t have any or maybe you even hate setting them.

In fact, maybe your relationship with goals is just plain bad, shaky at best.

You’ve bought all the planners and journals which still lay empty and ununsed.

You’ve done all the resolution exercises or written down your goals.
But you never feel like you get anywhere.

And certainly, not past January.

Your To do lists are endless and stressful and seriously if you HAVE to do one more thing it might just break you.

Burnout is something you are honestly afraid of.


Every December I take time to reflect on the year behind me. ⁣

This year was a tough one!

We celebrated 2 years in our studio and I finally finished putting together my new pivotal online course and in the midst of all that greatness I experienced one of the darkest moments of my life when I  finally faced all the ⁣hard stuff with my finances, business and friendships.

But here’s the deal… ⁣

Sometimes the great stuff can coexist with the tough stuff. ⁣

Now I can look back and see how my darkest struggle this year was the catalyst for my greatest transformation. I forgive my experience and release it. ⁣

And best of all, I celebrate my resilience.⁣  My bouncebackability.  My ability to persist.

The best way to clear out any negativity from 2019 is to honour your experience and celebrate your successes and see where you too were persistent.⁣

Before the New Year, take a moment to reflect and answer these two questions: ⁣

1. What did I learn from the tough stuff this year? ⁣

2. How can I celebrate my successes?⁣


Reframe 2019 so that you can clear the way for all that you want to create in 2020. ⁣

And here’s the next step… ⁣

Start 2020 with a goal plan. ⁣

A plan for what you want to create, what you want to attract and who you want to be. ⁣

Learn how to set goals you will achieve.

Here’s the cool news… I created the system for you to do just that! 💥⁣

This New Year I want to share with you the EXACT system myself and my Warrior Goddesses have used to achieve anything your heart desires without guilt or grind. ⁣

It’s a 28-day Goal Setting challenge starting on January 5th!! ⁣

This is just a simple Pilot Programme I have designed to experiment with a revolutionary approach to feminine time and energy management for being productive without fear of burnout.

When you follow my lead you’ll be given 4 experiments to try so that you can create the change you desire and manifest far more than you could ever imagine.⁣

And I’m totally serious when I say this. I can stand behind these methods as I have seen them work time and again.

This plan is designed to allow you the space to go for what you want in life without those feelings of guilt or never ending to do lists  so that you can have fun along the way to what you desire. ⁣

Let me be your empowerment and goal setting coach this New Year (and beyond) for only $13.

Join the 28-day Goal Setting Challenge before I close enrollment here >>>> https://warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.lpages.co/goals 


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