Watch the video below for your guide to getting started with kettlebell training and working towards your Body Shape Change goals.

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4 Things you must know to change your Body Shape Change in your 40s.

This 4 Easy to Understand & Doable guiding principles for busy women over 40 to help you go from Frumpy to Fierce, Confusion to Control, Sluggish to Strong and Hormonal to Happy.  Learn why the first 5lbs you can lose in just 10 days are the most important.  The Trusted & Proven approach that works for your age- regardless of current fitness, strength or cooking skills!


Getting Started with Classes and your Goals.

#1  4 Things you Need to Know to Change your Body Shape in your 40s.  Start here with understanding the truth about fatloss and ‘toning’ in your 40s.

#2 What class should I do?  This is the most common question I get so I have answered it based on beginning, restarting and graduating so it gives you options based on where you are at in your life and fitness cycle. So basically depending how fit or strong you are right now and how long it has been since you exercised.

#3 Your Goals Being able to set goals that you will actually achieve is something women struggle with so we have created the Goddess Got Goals Video Training, Journal and 90 Day  Challenge to support you.  Achieve anything your heart desires without guilt or grind- this is what the Goddess Got Goals Journal is all about. This is a comprehensive resource available to our VIP Members.

#4 Nutrition & Supplements this is an outline to help you use these essential tools, products and resources I personally use to have the build a solid healthy foundation to reach my goals.  You cannot achieve anything in life without good health and everything I teach and recommend personally changed my life and my body.

 #5 Progress not Perfection this is a mindset shift and understanding that transformation is a journey without a final destination and that there is no thing as PERFECT.  But that doesn’t mean you need to stop practicing! Focus on the things you do have control over and learn how we motivate you with our Grading & Leadership Board.

#6 Rest & Essential Self Care another essential mindset shift in understanding that when you start training in this way that you have upgrading your life’s vehicle and you will now need to fuel it, maintain it and look after it for recovery and repair.

#7  Support & Results offering you weekly support via LIVE Video and our Motivation Monday on our FB page which is also uploaded to the Youtube page, you will have 24/7 access to me and my guidance to help you to achieve your goals.  Check out our regularly updated Transformation on our Transformations Page.


Remember, I’m rooting for ya!