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“The next best thing to having Lisa as my personal Coach.”


This revolutionary fitness, nutrition and mindset program is shaking the foundations of the fitness industry right now.

Why? The world has changed. Busy women now realise that their time is even more precious and hours spent travelling to the gym or their week day evenings filled with classes were inefficient and ineffective for getting results.  Long drawn out workouts, hour long classes or commutes just aren’t sustainable when short, meaningful home workouts are just better.  We are calling all rebels, renegades and bad asses – who now know that they can take control of their bodies and lifestyles and are ready to embrace our formula for a strong, lean and healthy body at HOME.  


 My internationally-proven battle tested program


If you dare to become the best version of yourself, to work towards having your ideal body and lifestyle and understand what it feels like to feel Sexy Strong with a body you are proud of even in your 40s, 50s (and yup 60s).

I am a 43 year old single mum to a teenage boy.  80% of my clients are women in their 40s or 50s..  
This is a programme for STRONG women created by a STRONG woman.
And I’m not talking the ‘lifting heavy weights’ type STRONG.  I’m talking STRONG WILLED,  STRONG MINDED and STRONG CHARACTERS. 
Perhaps you are hugely successful in all areas of your life.  Your high flying career, perfect partner, great mum with a great family and even a strong sense of spirituality and sense of self, but when it comes to your SHAPE.. well, you are not where you want to be.
You are not proud. Maybe even FAR from feeling proud. 
Well this is where we all started, including me.
Ten years of research, testing, tweeking and working with women just like you.
This program is truly the most effective program where I have helped HUNDREDS of women reach their goals, and maintain this simple lifestyle. These women have reported so much more than just weight loss. They’ve reported better sleep, improved digestion, more stamina, better moods, and a leaner physique.
This is the programme I WISH I HAD when starting my nutrition & fitness journey.  
All through a treasure trove of workouts, recipes, practices and cheat sheets that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve that lean, toned, strong, curvy body you are PROUD of… 
…and then keep it that way forever.
How losing the first 5lbs changes everything…
While it’s true that some of my Goddesses lose 5lbs in the first 10 days, and then go on to drop down to enjoy a truly lean body, this isn’t the be all and end all.  
The goal here is to get you back to feeling in control, feeling proud and feeling fierce by teaching you foundations of burning fat and sculpting lean muscle at the fastest possible rate – all whilst taking care of your body and your health – and that stays forever.

Can you really change your shape from HOME?

In 6 weeks of quarantine, I lost 7% body fat, I was able to run my business, homeschool my child, drink 3 litres of water a day, take my supplements, carb cycle, overcome my IBS and gut issues, did 5x 30 minute workouts a week, walked every day and took back control. I changed my body from Frumpy to Fierce and have a body I am Proud of at nearly 44.

And I am going to show you how I did it!

You see, it really is not as easy as moving more and eating less.

We are living in unprecedented times of stress, we have an excess of information, expectations, demands, responsibilities, multiple jobs, and family demands – you name it… women in their 40s  are just plain busy and more often than not, to shelter ourselves away from the monotony or stress, we turn to unhealthy habits – (name your vice!)

But it should be the other way around: the more cornered we get by elements that can throw us off balance, the more committed to our health and wellbeing we must be.

Health is synonymous with success, in any shape, form or version. Healthy people thrive in every aspect of their lives – it is the foundation of our greatest achievements, of confidence, of limitless creativity and of longstanding relationships. When you look good, you feel good and you not only create a force field of positivity but you become a magnet for the things you wish to manifest in your life.

Making healthy choices and caring for yourself de-clutters your mind and makes space for the projects, people and places you always wished you had time for and makes you a happy, healthy woman with a happy and healthy family and life.

A lean, strong and curvy body is a sign of success and something you cannot buy or short cut, you must achieve.

But you’ve been lied to…

For years, you’ve been told that losing weight is simply a matter of moving more and eating less.

I’m here to tell you that’s nonsense. There are things that your body is dealing with every second of every day without you even realising it. As you go about your daily life, little do you know that underlying, invisible forces are likely stopping you from losing weight, holding you back, and making you miserable.

 Invisible forces? What are these invisible forces?

These nefarious, unseen forces are anything that puts your body out of balance, a precious state of optimal function known as homeostasis. These culprits are things we regularly contend with without giving them much thought: toxins, chronic stress, sugar overload (specifically, fructose), and insufficient and/or poor-quality sleep, your menstrual cycle, and those pesky hormones.

Combine these culprits with misinformation about how and what we should eat – given to us by medical authorities who really should know better- and it becomes all too confusing.

Your body perceives any chronic influence that affects this ideal state as nothing less than a threat to your survival.

When that happens, your body gradually shifts from thriving mode to surviving mode.

Unfortunately, these health disruptors are part and parcel of a modern life in our 40s that our bodies were not designed to deal with. No matter how fast the world around us speeds up, we’re still tackling it with the same factory-installed settings we inherited from our ancient ancestors. For example, life might be a lot more manageable if we could go for weeks without sleeping, but we haven’t evolved that capability.

Sustainable weightloss and body shape change does not happen in 28 days or even 90 days. 

The shifts you need in your mindset and daily habits to achieve a body you are proud of in your 40s.

You cannot undo what you have done in decades in a few short weeks.

You really need a lifestyle change over a full change of seasons.

Nutrition is like religion…

Everyone has an opinion and everybody is right… for them.


That’s to say, there are some universally accepted guiding principles and a bucket load of really interesting sciencific data for women’s wellness – and these can be easily clarified and communicated- but the nuances come down to personal preferences, finding faith in your own journey and making the necessary course corrections as the time and results require.

The issue is that these often conflicting nuances and our lack of faith in ourselves, our intuition and listening to our bodies, just leaves us confused, frustrated and doing the ‘Diet Hokey Cokey’, you know that dance we do of one foot in and one foot out which results in us never finding, committing and walking our own paths and actually mindfully getting to the destination we intended.  

We just end up lost.

Everything changed for me when I simply made the decision to learn more about my body.  What exercise it liked, what food to put in, what supplements I needed.

This was a mixture of studying nutrition, health and fitness but mostly about truly listening and being in tune with how my body feels.


If you are here:

…  you are probably a woman who has struggled for years, if not most of your life,  to shift the weight, change their body shape and get fit and toned,

I’m here to tell you that you’ve probably been listening to the wrong advice. You have been listening to everyone else, except your body.

 … perhaps you have never really listened or know what to listen for, or even where to begin to rediscover what works for YOU. 

You have never stuck to something because you never truly believed in why or what you were following.

 … perhaps you’ve even forgotten WHAT kind of body you want to have because you’ve been so lost in a cycle of falling on and off the diet wagon for decades. You’ve tried everything -the next fad thing, giving the gym another go… and sometimes it works for a while, and sometimes you feel you are doing great and then you fall back off.

… and I guess that the emotional back and forth is driving you crazy and you have almost given up hope of ever having a lean, strong and curvy body you are PROUD, because you just can’t find a formula that works for YOU.  

But you just refuse to give up because you’ve seen others do it and you know that you could do it too, if only you could make it work for you and your life. 

Yet despite the journey you have been on to arrive here, you have never fully accepted the size and shape that you are now, because deep down in your heart, you KNOW that none of these fad diets work and the SECRET to getting lean, strong & curvy is finding an expert who has done what you want to do, who has taught countless others and working together to find that intuitive, ethical approach that works for you and your body. 

And THAT is what I’m going to help you accomplish today.

So even if you think that you’re too old, too fat, too busy, too lazy…

That it’s just NEVER going to happen to you…

That being lean is overrated, that skinny people are miserable, that beautiful people are shallow, that fit people are obsessive …


 Time to start the SHIFT and take that leap of faith and step into your own POWER, as a true Warrior Goddess to achieve your Warrior Goddess Body.

A FULL Change of Seasons for a Lifetime of Body & Mind


The 4 step formula for Body Shape Change that guarantees a body you are proud of in your 40s. If you follow this formula, outlined in our programme step by step, you’ll not only feel satisfied when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will feel PROUD.

The 4 Step Formula 

Build a solid foundation starting with your nutrition, self care and then add just the right amount of strength training, peppered with HIIT. 

Focusing on what is necessary not what is possible.  The most effective and time efficient way to reach your goals using our simple to access digital studio library which you can access easily from your phone with the touch of a button.

Everything you need from training videos, PDF resources and tutorials.

Our brand new digital studio with 10 easy to follow steps & training videos (value $3000)

Your membership grants VIP access into this incredible library of fitness and nutrition information.  Each of the 10 steps broken down, step by step where you can train from the safety and comfort of your HOME

Lessons from me, Lisa, getting in-depth about nutrition, mindset and kettlebell training (so even if you’ve NEVER done strength training before, you’ll feel totally confident)

With 100s of follow along workouts, over 52 weeks of training plans for all levels, 3 NEW Recipe Books and over 10 new PDF Guides & Downloads, the 4 Step Formula could not be ANY EASIER to follow to get results.  Videos and workbooks to make the process seamless, simple and doable so you get results FAST.

Our Secret Weapon to Avoid Overwhelm: Live Weekly Q&A and Monthly Group Coaching Calls

The best way to avoid overwhelm? Follow each step, ask questions and get support.  Take the time needed to read, learn, understand, test and try.  Learn to carve out time in your week to try new things and develop new habits. Our step by step formula coupled with weekly Live Q&A, a team of Accountability Coaches and a Monthly Group Coaching Call each month will ENSURE your success.  All that is left is for you to take action.

Our Workout & Resources Library

The most important part of any new training programme is building your confidence, build solid habits and to become consistent with your training.  We now have a library of effective 30 minute home based workouts that you can watch at any time- choose from prerecorded beginners programme, join LIVE Workouts or catch via replay with the entire Warrior Goddess community. Plus over 52 weeks of training plans with easy to access coaching videos with voice overs so you can get fitter and stronger without second guessing what workouts to do. Choose from low impact, at-home, and kettlebell, resistance band, body weight, strength training options available each day combined with a unique eating approach using our 7 Day Carb Cycle formula.

An Active Community for Support & Accountability

Women are always worried they cannot succeed unless they ‘go’ to a class or trainer to do a workout.  The issue is that for most women this is not possible, not sustainable and not cost effective.  I have never known any of my clients to come for personal training once a week for longer than 6 weeks? Why? The cost- yes – but also the amount of time and energy is takes to drive to the studio, get dressed (and worry about what you are wearing), it can take up to 2 hours for a 1 hour session which was already 30 minutes too long!  Women do not NEED weekly hour long workouts.  We need daily 20-30 minute training fitted into our day wearing whatever we damn well please.  We just need someone to help us to DO the workout.  And we do just that.  Weekly LIVE workouts to join into and comment on (we know you are there but don’t see you), a team of Accountability Coaches who know exactly what it is like to be where you are at and weekly and monthly pep talks and coaching to ensure that you succeed.  We are rooting for you!

Have you seen enough yet?


Take a Tour of the Digital Studio…

VIP: The Warrior Goddess Body Membership is a revolutionary roadmap for women to care for their bodies and work towards their body and lifestyle goals, so they can have a body they are proud of feel their best at every age.

VIP:  What’s Included?

Recipes, Shopping Lists & Healthy Food using our plant focused recipes every month.

Cycle Specific Meal Plans & Recipes to save time and energy when it comes to meal planning and prep.

Workouts & Videos – live, replays and prerecorded or written workouts- kettlebell, body weight, resistance and even dumbells- to build strength, burn fat and get injury safe from your bedroom, living room or garden.

Weekly Pep Talks Get advice directly from Lisa including time for Q&A on Weekly Pep Talks.

Hormone Guides & Tracking – put the woman into Eat like a Woman so you can put the Goddess back into Warrior Goddess.

Community Support – exclusive 24/7 support and motivation from our Goddess Got Goals 90 day challenge group.

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Access the Wheel of the Year Programme

Access to the 90 Day Goddess Got Goals Challenges

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Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

Lisa takes her time to explain the theory behind each move and ensures that the steps to achieving the move are broken down.

Fun, informative Workouts and Teaching Style

Lisa’s bright and bubbly personality really helped the time go in.



Can notice the difference in my shape and my tummy Is getting tighter. Would recommend it even at my age 47.

Waistline decreased and core strength increased

I am feeling so much stronger and I have a waist… something I haven’t in years.



I feel my strength and stamina get better every workout. I enjoy Lisa’s classes, as she is encouraging and really motivates you to keep going.

Easy to Follow Video Tutorials


Lisa takes her time to explain the theory behind each move and ensures that the steps to achieving the move are broken down.

Fun, informative Workouts and Teaching Style


Lisa’s bright and bubbly personality really helped the time go in.


Can notice the difference in my shape and my tummy Is getting tighter. Would recommend it even at my age 47

Waistline decreased and core strength increased


I am feeling so much stronger and I have a waist… something I haven’t in years


I feel my strength and stamina get better every workout. I enjoy Lisa’s classes, as she is encouraging and really motivates you to keep going

Who is Lisa Barwise?

I’m Lisa Barwise, a Certified Personal Trainer and Kettlebell Instructor from Belfast in the UK.

I consider myself the Kick Ass Wellness Alchemist on a mission to support the transformation of strong women around the world: strong of mind, body and character.

​I teach kettlebell training and educate women on eating the right thing, at the right time for the right purpose and I’ve been lucky enough to reach ladies of all ages from their late 20s to early 60s in all corners of the world with my online programmes. I believe it is my fun and enthusiastic approach to fitness and health that helps them to reach their body and lifestyle goals. 

You can read my full story here.

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