After losing about 70lbs on the Ketogenic Diet my weight loss stalled, and then started to creep back up. I was doing exactly the same thing – and nothing for months! Now I've lost 16lbs in 5 weeks and my weight isn’t just dropping, my body shape has completely changed – and people are constantly noticing!

Breo went from Unicorn to full Sexy Strong in 12 months

Breo May, 42

Wales, UK

After losing about 70lbs on the ketogenic diet my weight loss stalled, and then started to creep back up. I was doing exactly the same thing – and nothing for months!

Enter Lisa and the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training programme! An amazing bad ass woman who tells it to you straight with lots of love but no sugar coating.

She talks real sense not pseudo science about a women’s body and its needs especially for those of us now tipping the other side of 40.

I realised my hormones needed a little extra support and so through a few diet tweaks and introducing carb cycling I’m seeing results again.

After just the first 6 weeks, my weight isn’t just dropping, my body shape has completely changed – and people are constantly noticing!

In 6 weeks I am stronger than ever, have more muscle, and my body is smaller all over. I’m in a size 12 jeans for the first time in my adult life. In fact, I’ve lost a staggering 9cm off my belly and 7cm off my bust!! I’m even walking taller as my posture is so much better. I’ve lost just over 16lbs, and I’m well on my way to my target weight – although this programme is making me reassess those goals and focus on strength and body muscle rather than weight.

It’s been hard work, but if you trust the programme it works. The food is delicious. I followed the diet plans (so easy! It tells you what to eat every day with no need to think!!!!) But you can also make your own bespoke plans to include all your favourite dishes.

And the kettlebells. Well, they are my new best friend. Seriously – what women wouldn’t feel like a bass ass swinging what is basically a cannon ball? Self-confidence through the roof. And now I’m a little bit addicted!! The workouts are short and easy to do at home (or even whilst on holiday! The final week of my challenge was spent in a camper van travelling the highlands of Scotland, proving its do-able anywhere).

Now as I have completed the full 12 month program I can say:


For one thing I finally believe that I **am** sexy, and you better know I’m strong!

I used to believe in a mythical goal weight. A number on the scale that would prove I was thin enough (and good enough). A number that would tell me that I was finally no longer the fat girl…… Now I know that slipping into size 10 jeans and colleagues jaw’s dropping to the floor when I walk into the office is way better feedback than any scale number.  Now I catch myself smiling as I pass a mirror and realise that tiny waist and defined legs are mine!

I used to believe that I could probably aim to swing a 12kg kettlebell eventually if I got strong. Now I swing a 32kg kettlebell!

I used to believe I needed to work out for at least an hour at a time, now I know I can be in and out of my workout space in 25mins having completed an epic training session that is building muscle and getting rid of the fat.

Breo lost 16lbs in first 6 weeks, gained 4 lbs over the next 6 months and lost 18lbs in the final 8 weeks.



Weightloss Achieved (lbs/kgs)

30.2 lbs

Body Measurements (cms lost)

  • Total cms lost

    67.6 cm
  • Belly cms lost

    9 cm
  • Waist cm lost

    8 cm
  • Chest cm lost

    7 cm
  • Tricep cm lost

    5.5 cm

Fitness & Strength

  • How Many Push Ups (total number)

    30 push ups on toes
  • How long can you Plank (mins & secs)

    3 minutes
  • How long can you Wall Sit (mins & secs)

    7 minutes

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If committing to a new fitness, transformation & lifestyle program feels equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro, listen up…

Every journey starts with one step. If the questions “who am I to want to get into my best shape?” or “where do I even start?” are coming up for you, know that they came up for every single successful Wonder Woman you see on this page.

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