Meet the revamped Warrior Goddess Body 6 week challenge experience, unlike any other wellness programme in the whole wide world that offers Body Shape and Lifestyle transformation for women over 40.



This revolutionary fitness, nutrition and mindset program is shaking the foundations of the fitness industry right now.

Why? We are calling all rebels, black sheep, renegades and bad asses – who often feel like they don’t fit in anywhere else and especially not the gym- to embrace our formula for a strong, lean and healthy body at HOME.  This formula for fierce females has finally been whittled down, pulled back and now ready to take flight.

Whether you’ve never swung a kettlebell or feel it’s “too late” as a 40 or 50 year old woman, as long as you have the desire to get a body you are proud of,  you’re in the right place.

I’m uncovering the unique formula it takes to attain incredible (body transforming) results, without fail.


 My internationally-proven battle tested program


If you dare to become the best version of yourself, to work towards having your ideal body and lifestyle and understand what it feels like to feel Sexy Strong with a body you are proud of even in your 40s, 50s (and yup 60s).

I am a 43 year old single mum to a teenage boy.  80% of my clients are women in their 40s or 50s..  
This is a programme for STRONG women created by a STRONG woman.
And I’m not talking the ‘lifting heavy weights’ type STRONG.  I’m talking STRONG WILLED,  STRONG MINDED and STRONG CHARACTERS. 
Perhaps you are hugely successful in all areas of your life.  Your high flying career, perfect partner, great mum with a great family and even a strong sense of spirituality and sense of self, but when it comes to your SHAPE.. well, you are not where you want to be.
You are not proud. Maybe even FAR from feeling proud. 
Well this is where we all started, including me.
Ten years of research, testing, tweeking and working with women just like you.
This program is truly the most effective program where I have helped HUNDREDS of women reach their goals, and maintain this simple lifestyle. These women have reported so much more than just weight loss. They’ve reported better sleep, improved digestion, more stamina, better moods, and a leaner physique.
This is the programme I WISH I HAD when starting my nutrition & fitness journey.  
All through a treasure trove of workouts, recipes, practices and cheat sheets that hold your hand through every step needed to achieve that lean, toned, strong, curvy body you are PROUD of… 
…and then keep it that way forever.
How losing the first 5lbs changes everything…
While it’s true that some of my Goddesses lose 5lbs in the first 10 days, and then go on to drop down to enjoy a truly lean body, this isn’t the be all and end all.  
The goal here is to get you back to feeling in control, feeling proud and feeling fierce by teaching you foundations of burning fat and sculpting lean muscle at the fastest possible rate – all whilst taking care of your body and your health – and that stays forever.

Most people who knew me 10 years ago are shocked by where I am today, why?

Since 2008, I have lost 15lbs, am wearing a bigger dress size to accommodate my curvy butt and legs, drink 3 litres of water a day, overcame my IBS and gut issues, have broken my addiction to sugar, have incorporated training into my daily schedule either with workouts or yoga, am 100% gluten, dairy and meat free and can lift some seriously heavy weights in addition to being more flexible, mobile and strong. I meditate almost daily for up to 30 minutes and drink a green Proothie everyday.  I changed my body from Frumpy to Fierce and have a body I am Proud of at 43.

The Warrior Goddess Body programme is the only wellness programme focused on Body Shape Change of its kind designed for women over 40 that not only shows you exactly how to train to get strong and lean and injury free without spending hours in the gym — but how to eat for boundless energy, reducing your expanding midsection and saying goodbye to food guilt forever.

6 Weeks to FULL Body & Mind


There’s a 4 step formula to carve out the new body you have always wanted. If you follow this formula, outlined in our programme step by step, you’ll not only feel satisfied when you look at yourself in the mirror, you will feel PROUD.

The 4 Step Formula 

  • Build a solid foundation starting with your nutrition, self care and then add just the right amount of strength training.  
  • Focusing on what is necessary not what is possible.  The most effective and time efficient way to reach your goals using our simple to access digital studio library.
  • Everything you need from PDF resources, videos and tutorials.

Our brand new digital studio with modules & training videos (value $1000)

Your membership grants VIP access into this incredible library of fitness and nutrition information. Here, you’ll find:

  • Each of the 6 weeks broken down, step by step where you can train from the safety and comfort of your HOME

  • Lessons from me, Lisa, getting in-depth about nutrition, mindset and kettlebell training (so even if you’ve NEVER done strength training before, you’ll feel totally confident)

  • Videos and workbooks to make the process seamless

Our Secret Weapon to Avoid Overwhelm: Prep Week

The best way to avoid overwhelm? Take your time.  Take the time needed to read, learn, understand, test and try.  Learn to carve out time in your week to try new things and develop new habits. And prepare yourself, your kitchen, your mind, your family and get your head in the game over 7 whole days.

4 Weeks of Eating & Training + Graduation Week into the VIP Community.

The most important part of any new programme is building your confidence, build solid habits and to become consistent.  Effective 4-30 minute workouts that you can watch at any time- choose from prerecorded beginners programme, join LIVE Workouts or catch via replay with the entire Warrior Goddess community. Low impact, at-home, and kettlebell, resistance band, body weight, strength training options available each day combined with a unique eating approach using our 7 Day Carb Cycle formula.



  • All program materials for a refundable deposit of $197, to accelerate your success in the Transformation Challenge
  • The opportunity to get a FULL REFUND when you hit your challenge goal of either 16lbs weightloss or 6% Body Fat*
  • OR a low monthly membership rate of $77/month, at the end of your initial 6-week round* saving $20 a month on membership.
  • LIVE trainings to set you up for success.
  • Nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts to transform your life.




Regular, Vegetarian and Vegan meal plan options available each week, with ingredient lists, and preparation instructions to help you reach your goals!


Effective 30 minute workouts that you can watch at any time- choose from prerecorded beginners programme, join LIVE Workouts or catch via replay with the entire Warrior Goddess community. Low impact, at-home, and kettlebell, resistance band and body weight strength training options available each day.


Accountability and support from an active and likeminded community along with one-on-one support from Lisa via LIVE Trainings.

I’m giving you the precise process it takes to attain incredible (fat burning) results,

without fail & guaranteed.


What makes the Warrior Goddess Body Programme different is it is based on your BODY… the female body over 40. 


You are a strong, busy woman with incredibly important roles to fill each day and often under enormous stress.

You do your best to eat healthy and keep fit. You are doing everything you can to live a healthy life but this endless to do list, anxiety, lack of sleep and over achieving are taking their toll.

And, you don’t have the body or lifestyle you are proud of.

All of this plus your Hormones and stage of life are causing obstacles that you can’t see.

You feel stressed out, overwhelmed and lack energy.

You want to lose the fat around your midsection.

You want to sleep better.

You want to feel less bloated.

You want to get stronger, leaner and more fit.

You just want to feel good, feel confidence, feel desirable.

You are ready for a change and are willing to do what it takes to finally get some results.

You are looking for a solution that is easy to implement and will be effective for a lifetime.

What makes us different?  

There are no COOKIE CUTTER diets here.  No libraries of long workouts or complicated recipes to overwhelm you. No bullshit. No telling you what you want to hear.  No forcing our beliefs down your throat or barking orders at you.   

We teach you about Goal Setting & Cyclical Living with what you eat, how you train, self care and tracking your menstrual and moon cycles for energy and understanding and to tap into your unique feminine power to get a body you are PROUD of.

I’m doing what no coach has dared to.  


THEN  teach you how to stay motivated and committed to keep those results FOREVER.




$ 197

  • Save $94
  • Get VIP Monthly Membership for only $77 as long as you remain a member, this will be automatically deducted after initial 6 weeks and can be cancelled at any time.



$ 97

  • Get started for as little as $97
  • Spread the payments- pay monthly
  • Instant Access and get started today


Remember, this includes:

 A chance to have your full investment refunded when you hit your goal (when you pay in full.) and $20 a month off VIP membership.

  Members area with robust 6 weeks broken down into videos and workbooks

 Weekly Q&A group coaching with me, Lisa, and my team of experts in the Facebook Group & Emailed every week

 Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training & Metabolism Masterclass Bonuses not included with Payment Plan Goddesses

Need help ordering or have questions?
Email → hello@warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com


Easy to Follow Video Tutorials

Lisa takes her time to explain the theory behind each move and ensures that the steps to achieving the move are broken down.

Fun, informative Workouts and Teaching Style

Lisa’s bright and bubbly personality really helped the time go in.



Can notice the difference in my shape and my tummy Is getting tighter. Would recommend it even at my age 47.

Waistline decreased and core strength increased

I am feeling so much stronger and I have a waist… something I haven’t in years.



I feel my strength and stamina get better every workout. I enjoy Lisa’s classes, as she is encouraging and really motivates you to keep going.

Who is this Life Changing Programme for?

You’re a busy professional woman but you’ve been burning the candle at both ends and want a plan that translates into a simple lifestyle, not an intense, stressful quick fix.


You’ve maybe been told by your doctor that nothing is wrong and you just need to eat less and move more. But you know that something is not right and you are worried.  You don’t want this to be the end – that this is just it.

You need a solution that helps you feel in control again. You’re looking for a programme that gives you back your energy. You want something that is holistic and will benefit all aspects of your life.

You want physical results, but you want more than just a few pounds dropped, you want to overcome the unwanted affects of hormones and moving into the next stage of life…

You want to look lean, fit, toned but keep your womanly curves.

You want your to boost your metabolism so that your body becomes a fat burning machine at whatever age.

You want to feel stronger, better, and more confident in your body.

You need a customised solution for you, your body type, current lifestyle and goals, with lots of support, guidance and accountability along the way.

You need a community, a coach and a program that actually works…for life, not just the next 28 days.

Easy to Follow Video Tutorials


Lisa takes her time to explain the theory behind each move and ensures that the steps to achieving the move are broken down.

Fun, informative Workouts and Teaching Style


Lisa’s bright and bubbly personality really helped the time go in.


Can notice the difference in my shape and my tummy Is getting tighter. Would recommend it even at my age 47

Waistline decreased and core strength increased


I am feeling so much stronger and I have a waist… something I haven’t in years


I feel my strength and stamina get better every workout. I enjoy Lisa’s classes, as she is encouraging and really motivates you to keep going

This all sounds amazing but I got a question….

Q:Do I have to eat a plant based diet?

A: Focusing on more leafy greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet is essential for long term health, energy and for healthy weightloss. It is encouraged that you follow a diet more heavily focused on plants but this does not mean you have to be vegan or vegetarian to do so. This programme provides recipes and menu plans for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike, focusing on eating more plants. 

Q: What if I don’t like broccoli (or insert food here)?

A: This programme is both guide and teacher.  For those that simply want to follow a day by day and meal by meal plan it is laid out for you or you can use the tools and information to craft your own meal plans.  We also provide recommend additional nutritional support through whole food supplements. Want to see a sample of the suggested recipes? Download the FREE one day trial here. Or Check out our recommended supplements here in this One Day Download.

Q: Will I really get a refund?

A: YES! When you reach your goal of either 16lbs weightloss or 6% Body Fat we will refund you your full $197 or you can put that money against a 12 month VIP membership saving $35 a month – only $62 a month instead of $97.   We also have a Satisfaction Guarantee, you can read more about that here.

Q: What if I try the programme and it doesn’t work for me?

A: To truly try anything you must give it time and trust in the process. It takes more than 21 days to turn something new into a daily habit and it takes at least 28 days to notice true life changing results.  If after 28 days of truly following the programme, you are not satisfied, I guarantee to refund your programme in full to you as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee

Q: Do I have to do the workouts or can I just follow the eating plan?

A: The crux of this programme is based on carb cycling.  This is an intentional variaion of your carbohyrate intake based on the workouts you will be doing to maximise fat burn and energy levels.  Without the exercise, you will not be maximising your fat burning potential or helping your body to build lean muscle which is the key element in looking leaner and curvier

That said, following either the workout plan or nutritional plan will deliver short term results, just not maximize the fat burning potential of when paired together… like shampoo and conditioner!!

Q: What happens if I can’t workout 3 times a week?

The magic number for exercising for a short term goal is a minimum of 3 (though 4 is better).  This means at least 3 kettlebell workouts of 10-30 minutes in a week.  (The first week is only 4 minute workouts so easily to fit into your schedule) We are talking less than 2 hours a week! 

Q: I have never lifted a kettlebell in my life, am I strong/fit enough to do this programme?

A: What I love about kettlebells is that they are the perfect beginners strength training tool for women.  They are compact, easy to use, effective and inexpensive and you can do so much with them from your own home. I currently have clients in their 50-60s who have never lifted a weight now leaner, stronger and fitter in a few weeks!

Q: Where do I get kettlebells from?

A: I have researched far and wide to find the perfect kettlebell for my goddesses.  I have written a blog post about this and a whole video is dedicated to this in the classroom  to aid in the process.  A beginners kit should not set you back more than $40- maybe only $30.

Q: What is carb cycling?

A: A carb cycling program is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake each week. Most carb cycling plans consist of high carb days and low carb days. In all of my programs, base our cycle on the workouts we will be doing to maximize fat burn and energy levels.

Q: Am I a good fit for this program?

A: This program is for women only (men can invest in the program but can’t be in any of the Facebook Groups). In addition, this program has been incredibly successful for women who are beginners to strength training to those more active and with under 2 stone to lose. My program is geared for you to be active 3 times a week and will require commitment to that.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to complete the Warrior Goddess Body programme?

A: No, this is a one of the key benefits of this programme that can save you time and money. The workouts are designed for easy to follow, quick and effective home workouts.  If you wish, you could easily do them in a gym with a small amount of space.

Q: Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?

A. I provide guidelines for each day of our food cycle. For example, on low carb day I will indicate that your goal is to consume less than 50g net carbs. I will explain how to calculate your macros (carbs, fats, protein) and also give you a sample meal plan and recipes. However, you will have the flexibility to consume the foods you truly enjoy. This is not a diet.  It is a eating programme.  You just need to learn what to eat in relation to your day and cycle.

Q: Am I required to be on Facebook to join the program?

A: We recommend this as a lot of the support, questions and motivation is deliverd in our 24/7 Facebook group. Most of my clients choose to join our Facebook community group for daily tips and accountability. While I do recommend you join the Facebook group, it is not required for participation in the program.

Q: Do I have to do the programme right away?

A: One of the best things about this programme is that you have FOREVER Lifetime Access to the information in our digital classroom but once you START the 6 week challenge you cannot restart it unless you sign up and take it again.  You will only have access to the Facebook Community for the 6 weeks of your challenge. This means you can start the programme today and in 6 weeks you then move into our VIP Community and the next step in your Body Shape Change journey.

Q: I have a back/shoulder/knee injury, how can I adapt the exercises?

A: If you have been passed by a doctor and physio to exercise, then you are still able to workout. All exercises can be modified. You may just need to reduce the amount of reps and exercise more frequently rather than for longer periods of time. 5 x10 minute workouts is better than 1 hour a week.

Q: I have lower back pain, will I have to restrict some movements?

A: Did you know that at least 1 in every 3 of my clients tell me they have lower back pain? What I love about kettlebells is that it is the answer to reverse lower back pain. The exercises will help to build up strength in this area to relieve pain and give you strength.

Q: I don’t want to get bulky from the weights, will they make me bulky?

A: Weights don’t make you bulky, eating cupcakes do! haha What I love about kettlebells particularly is you get strength training but in an easy to use and fun little bullet. This is what you need to get truly lean and toned. It was when Lisa made the switch to kettlebells and strength training, away from endless cardio, that she got her flattest stomach of her life and awesome arms too! If you look at her (all 5ft of fairy ninja) she has been lifting with kettlebells for 5 years and is by no means bulky!

Q: Aren’t kettlebells really heavy? What if I am not strong enough?

A: Kettlebells are designed to help you get stronger in a dynamic and safe way and work on the important posterior kinetic chain of your glutes, hamstrings, hips and core.  Most of the moves we do work your lower body primarily.  Any upper body exercises we do use a lighter kettlebell and help you to gradually build up the fitness and strength week by week.  You will notice how quickly your body responds to these exercises for building strength as well as cardio vascular fitness.

Q: Do I have to buy protein powder or other shakes and pills?

A: We do advocate a Proothie- a protein smoothie as a cost effective and easy tool to help you to break your fast and reach your protein goals each day but this is not necessary if you are willing to eat additional protein and plants. That said, in my experience most women undereat protein by 100% and do not get enough essential phytonutrients in their diet which these supplements can bridge the gap for but it is entirely up to you.

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