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What is a PROOTHIE? Best weight loss tip ever!

Today we’re talking about a healthy drink that’s not only going to give you a boost in the morning but will also help you lose weight. You’re probably asking yourself: What is a freaking proothie?! Well, a proothie is a protein smoothie. See what I did there? ? This is the fundamental principle that I teach each and every one of my clients who want to start to lose fat and boost your metabolism. You need to break your fast in the morning with 30g of protein. I learned this simple tip from Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body Book. He scientifically proved that 30g of protein will not only shift and increase your metabolism by 30% when you do this on a regular basis (it’s vital for fat loss to increase your metabolism), but will also keep you satiated so you’re not hungry sooner. Here are more benefits of consuming 30g of protein:  it will stop the crazy mood swings it will stop you from turning to coffee for energy it balances out sugar cravings and keeps your insulin levels nice and steady it will actually get you to the point where you’re bouncing out of bed in the morning…

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