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Why women’s weight loss is not a man’s game.

Apple to Oranges. Women are different to men. We think differently. Our bodies are different.     So why wouldn't our journey to health, fitness and weightloss be different to? Now, I want to first point out that I like men, I live with a small one who one day will be a big one and I am doing my best to make sure he is a good one.  I have worked with many male personal trainers and I am not undermining the knowledge, experience and motivations of male personal trainers and weightloss specialists but I honestly believe that women's weightloss is not a man's game,  even for part of their journey, for additional support when working with male fitness and health professionals and in that weight loss is not just a direct correlation of one thing or one person's influence over another. And here is my case: The Female Mind   We worry, we overthink and we worry some more. One of our biggest worries is injury and the pain/gain ratio.  The 'is this really worth it' question. Am I going to be able to function in my every day life? Can I get through the day? Will I...
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