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Is this one excuse holding you back?

Is this one excuse holding you back

This particular excuse that I want to talk about today is kind of like a little snake in the grass. It’s probably not even an excuse that you hear yourself say, it’s probably not even an excuse that you really see is an excuse, and in fact, you probably just think that this is normal. But what I’m here to tell you is that this is not only an excuse that I have fallen prey to but also a lot of my clients would as well and I kind of think that nearly everybody I know in some way falls prey to it and I’m going to give you one strategy today. One way for you to overcome it that might not necessarily be easy but it’s definitely simple. So this one excuse this little snake in the grass has lots of different ways that it manifests or shows itself but in my experience is one of the biggest excuses or biggest barriers that we have to body shape change and into achieving your body goals and your lifestyle goals. The one that I hear all the time is, “I am feeling stuck so, therefore, I’m not going to move…

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