Getting Prepped in Prep Week

Watch the video here on moving into Prep Week and getting your head, environment and kitchen prepared for success

Draw that Line in the Sand

The most important part of Prep Week is drawing that line in the sand to track your progress you need to have a starting point.

Note that starting point with your fitness and strength but also with your body with measurements & progress photos.

Getting Your Food Prepped

Time now to complete your shopping and make a start on some recipes.  Try to make your first Proothie.  Watch this Video on Youtube of me making the Green Goddess Proothie here. Try and make some of the first recipes that jump out at you.  And why not batch cook some things like egg muffins or make up some yummy protein balls or chia seed puddings.


Want to see the WHOLE 28 DAYS OF FOOD & WORKOUTS MAPPED OUT FOR YOU? Download the full 28 days here.

Getting Your Environment Prepped

Time now to complete your Mindset Journal (if you haven’t already) and then begin to set up your envirnoment. Clear out temptation from kitchen cupboards and fridge, stock up on those recovery items of Epsom salts, lavender and maybe buy yourself that foam roller. And finally, clear space in your bedroom for good rest and be sure to let your family know you are trying something new.

And most importantly, come and say hello, introduce yourself in our Facebook Group.

Prep Week Workouts

Access our follow along 4 minute workouts plus our Guides to the Kettlebell Swing to help you complete your Fitness & Strength Tests and get started with your training.

Head to Toe & Mobility Warm Ups

Swing Tutorial

Kettlebell 4 Minute Workouts