In a landscape obsessed with how we look, I’m obsessed with feeling and being STRONG.

We shuttle women into cardio classes or scary areas of the gym and tell them that is where they will find the skinny and best versions of themselves.

Now don’t get me wrong,  I want to look good and I want a certain body shape but for me, it is  more about the strength and the belief I need to build to get there.

It’s about being in control of our bodies, having a good relationship with it, feeling strong and feeling empowered and just the right amount of kick ass!


My life hasn’t been what you probably think it has. I wasn’t always this sure, this confident or strong.  Constantly second guessing myself, plagued with self doubt, no sense of self worth.

Honestly I felt frumpy, anxious, pudgey and lost.

I am not naturally athletic nor honestly really care to be. Then I found kettlebell training- there is something epically bad ass about swinging a kettlebell or pressing it overhead.  You feel like Wonderwoman saving children stuck in a collapsed building.  Seriously. 

When I train with kettlebells I always feel like I am Diana on the island of Themyscira practicing for the day that Ares returns. So kettlebell training is not just a tool for me but a mindset.  Imagine not having to be motivated to train, imagine being pumped and excited for your workout because you know you are going to feel like a superhero when you are done. 

The Rise of a Warrior: Discover your true powers and your true destiny HERE.

Most people who knew me 10 years ago are shocked by where I am today, why?

Since 2008, I have lost 15lbs, am wearing a bigger dress size to accommodate my curvy butt and legs, drink 3 litres of water a day, overcame my IBS and gut issues, have broken my addiction to sugar, have incorporated training into my daily schedule either with workouts or yoga, am 100% gluten, dairy and meat free and can lift some seriously heavy weights in addition to being more flexible, mobile and strong. I meditate almost daily for up to 30 minutes and drink a green Proothie everyday.  I changed my body from Frumpy to Fierce and have a body I am Proud of at 43.

I have always been obsessed with

 and not just as a kid.

There is just something about their certainty, their journey, their uniqueness.

Their overall ‘bad ass ness’.

The Gods & Goddesses in ancient times to superheroes on comic book pages fill me with a sense of wonder, yearning and dreaming.

Of asking ‘What if’ and ‘Could I’?

But even superheros have a weakness.

Their alter ego.

Their humanity, their ‘cover’, their mask- that image they put out into the world.

We strive to fit in, to look the part, not rock the boat, to not offend or be offended. To be quiet and be beautiful. To not get found out.

My life hasn’t been what you probably think it has, we all have our struggles.  I wasn’t always this sure, this confident or strong.  Constantly second guessing myself, plagued with self doubt, no sense of self worth.

Honestly I felt frumpy, pudgey and lost.

But I was always opinionated.  I was always sensitive and empathetic.

My real super powers.

My inner warrior strength, my compassion, my ‘fight’ for justice and wanting to save the world and that voice inside telling me I was made for more.  Only for all this to crumble as I look outside of myself for love, validation and acceptance.


We hear that inner calling telling us to ‘step up’ but we ignore it for fear of judgement, fear of our truest selves and of the world seeing who we really are.


To putting ourselves out there to get hurt, to be disappointed and to fall flat on our face.

The truth: 



Or lying to ourselves.

Greatness is not what you think.

The superheroic struggle to me is NOT having your inner strength reflected on the outside.

Knowing deep down you are a total bad ass and letting that freak flag fly.  To say to yourself and the world, that this is what I want and I’m not going to stop until I get it.

All you need is to WANT it.

Think about having everything you have always wanted.

The world needs you, to be unapologetically YOU and go after what you want.

Untamed. Unapologetic. Unstoppable.

To be truly INVINCIBLE you must BELIEVE that you CAN.

Courage is not feeling the fear and doing it anyway.  Courage is listening to that inner voice, your true wisdom, and doing what YOU want to do, regardless what the world or others think of your choice.

But it is hard to have courage without experience and without support.

Courage comes from knowing you can do hard things.

What one does with the truth is more difficult than you think.



I did have a studio.  I did run classes and offer kettlebell workouts and I did try to do this face to face with group personal training.


If you are not changing what you BELIEVE about your body, exercise, food and your confidence, you are just moving ‘boxes around your garage’ and never doing that needed CLEAR OUT or garage sale to say goodbye to those old thoughts, strategies or untruths that do not serve you and haven’t gotten you results in the past.

The Pandemice forced me to remind myself of WHAT WORKED.  WHAT I TRULY BELIEVED AND WHERE IT ALL BEGAN…


This is the programme I wish I had 7 years ago.



Just as you cannot leap tall buildings in a single bound, you cannot build a sense of confidence or a strong and curvy body in a day.  It takes an superhero work ethic with many months of strategic sweat.



I don’t promise the final results in 6 week or even 3 months.

This is reality hour and the newsflash is this: You can 100% achieve your heroic confidence, fat-burning, higher-metabolism, Wonder Woman physique FOR GOOD, if you’re given the PROPER amount of time to do so.

This program is 12 months because that’s what it takes to truly transform, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise.

Here’s the why, how and each damn detail in between…

From Zero to Hero

The 3 Stages of Becoming your Own Superhero and get Sexy Strong, even for the doubtful and dubious AT ANY AGE.

This is a full blown battle of YOU V YOU and against Self Doubt, Motivation and Strength.  You’re going to learn how to overcome your doubts, fears and beliefs about motivation so we can show you how to build a strong, womanly body and mind capable of HARD THINGS whilst having FUN.

Across 12 months, here’s how the transformation works:


Building a bad @$$ body and strength requires a precise order of events. To succeed, we must layer mindset, training, & eating- like adding sweaters and scarves to go outside in the Irish winter.  And building courage to do the hard things is a step by step process, especially for beginners.

We’re going to:

  • Help you set the exact vision for WHAT you want to achieve and the roadmap to get there

  • Building the foundations of eating and training and focusing on building your belief and education about nutrition and exercise.
  • Kick start your Body Shape Change & Mindset journey with our 6 Week Transformation Challenge
  • Walkthrough the measurements that actually matter, meal prep methods and supplement planning that give results

  • The overlooked training on best practices for sleep and rest and developing never-fading motivation and consistency


While most training programs go on about calories, jumping jacks and six packs, almost NOBODY talks about the mindset that is absolutely vital for success.

That’s why I’m breaking down:

  • FIND THE WONDER Why women over 40 take life TOO SERIOUSLY and neglect their inner girl and focus on fun to relieve stress and ENJOY the process of becoming your own superhero

  • What to do when you’re halfway through the program and your motivation starts to waiver

  • The science behind staying consistent for both your body and mind


After the first 2 stages, you’ve seen you CAN push and work hard. With a determination unlike anything you (or your surprised family!) have seen before, I now show you:

  • To decide: when to get heavier? when to do more? When to push and when to rest?  Let’s answer these challenging questions once and for all.

  • Why one part of your body is transforming faster than the rest…and what to do about it

  • The little-known way to make muscles grow and boost metabolism at the SAME time
  • How to make the right changes to macros and calories, customized to YOU (Not your mum or Diana Prince but YOU)

Each Step of This Program Boldly Tests your Desire and Determination to Develop the Strength, Belief and Body of a Superhero

Which will hold greater rule over you? Your fear or your curiosity?


to do hard things and build unshakeable belief.


shift your mindset to become consistent & disciplined and never lose your sense of wonder.


Tap into your true feminine power & build that strength and serious curve appeal.

What’s inside this undeniably


You’re going to get every tool needed to develop the mindset to build that strength and achieve the body of a super hero even if you’ve never swung a kettlebell, or can do a push up or understand anything about nutrition for body shape change.



Our brand new membership area with modules & training videos

Your membership grants VIP access into this incredible library of mindset, fitness and nutrition information. Here, you’ll find:

  • Each of the 3 stages broken down, step by step where you can train from HOME

  • Lessons from me, Lisa, getting in-depth about nutrition, mindset and training tactics (so even if you’ve NEVER swung a kettlebell, you’ll feel totally confident)

  • Videos and workbooks to make the process seamless

Private, Members ONLY Facebook group (Value: $1997)

This group is not only a community of other like-minded women cheering each other on, you’ll get access to the world’s top coaches.

I will be in the group answering questions and have the best coaches- who have been where you are-  answering your questions on everything from mindset, nutrition to fitness.

Weekly Q&A and Monthly Group Coaching Calls (Value: $1164)

To be sure you’re getting me and answers live, I’ll host a weekly Q&A in the Facebook group where you can bring any questions, frustrations or challenges. And if you don’t get me, you’ll get a kickass expert in my place.

Any question you have is valid – and I want to be sure every query gets a loving (even if butt kicking ? ) response.

My “secret weapon” our kettlebell, martial and yoga HIIT Library and NEW Training App  (Value: $297)

Our unique style of training that makes you feel like a bad ass in your living room or garage!

From body weight, martial or yoga to some challenging kettlebell moves, we have got you covered with this fun, fast and convenient way to get your daily training done.

Your Wonder Woman Mindset Journal (Value: $97)

A special PDF guide that helps you to work through your diet and exercise mindset, to question your experience and help you to begin this relationship with your body and build that BELIEF.


As a ‘skinny seeker’ for over a decade, I too well know the confusion – nah hypocrisy – of many diet and fitness programmes out there and just  how easy it is to get pulled into another new fad diet that you have had to hand over your hard earned cash for.

Even if you’ve had your family question or shame you for buying into yet another diet or trend.…

If you’ve joined a FREE Facebook group, downloaded a free workout or grabbed yourself the ‘best’ new potion, pills or belt …

Know that our programme & community of driven women is ABSOLUTELY DIFFERENT.

Every day, we get comments and messages from members sharing their relief at FINALLY finding a group of supportive yet ambitious women who are kind, driven as hell and down to have a laugh.




Before joining, we often get messages from women asking if it is OKAY that they eat meat, or not eat carbs or do they have to do kettlebell training.

Let me be clear. It does not matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, carnivore or fast on the daily. Our community is a safe space for any ambitious human to discover what works best for you.

Just as I tell my son that our house is a safe space where everyone deserves to feel nurtured, at peace, and never bullied, our community is run the same way.

That’s why I want you to introduce you to one of our members for yourself.

Can you see yourself here…



43-year-old Kathy joined the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training program because she had injured her back from running and over exercising to try and lose weight. When she was unable to do anything,  the weight had started to pile back on.  Even when she decided to start her kettlebell training journey, even with as many as 5 sessions a week and only eating her usual 1200 calories a day, the weight did not come off.

Even when she decided to join the Sexy Strong Challenge, she wasn’t really convinced carb cycling would work. She said: “To be honest I was terrified I would gain weight. I had to eat 1900 – 2500 cals on some days!” The first 30 days passed I started to notice a difference in my body, mood and health. The second 30 days passed friends and family and fellow goddess started to notice the physical changes to my body. I am now on my 5 challenge. I have lost 16 lbs but I’ve gained a body which I am proud off. My health has improved from hormone imbalances, improvement with my psoriasis and my mental health.”

This program WILL give you a STRONG, WOMANLY Body- and the belief to see it through – if you follow the steps I outline. 

After joining, across a year I watched Kathy work incredibly hard. She asked thoughtful questions in our Facebook group. She and other women supported one another through the “Ahhhh my legs are going to fall off!” days.

By the end, well, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here’s the wildest part. Kathy is NO different than any woman wanting to step into a new chapter of her life. All she did was commit to working hard and deciding she WAS the type of person who could cultivate the belief and discipline that led to that stunning, strong body above.






$ 997

  • Save $94



$ 97

  • Get started for as little as $97
  • Spread the payments- pay monthly
  • Instant Access and get started today


Remember, this includes:

 A chance to have your full investment refunded when you hit your goal (when you pay in full.) and $20 a month off VIP membership.

  Members area with robust 6 weeks broken down into videos and workbooks

 Weekly Q&A group coaching with me, Lisa, and my team of experts in the Facebook Group & Emailed every week

Need help ordering or have questions?
Email →

This all sounds FRIGGIN AWESOME but I got a question….

Q:Do I have to eat a plant based diet?

A: Focusing on more leafy greens, vegetables and fruits in your diet is essential for long term health, energy and for healthy weightloss. It is encouraged that you follow a diet more heavily focused on plants but this does not mean you have to be vegan or vegetarian to do so. This programme provides recipes and menu plans for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike, focusing on eating more plants. 

Q: What if I don’t like broccoli (or insert food here)?

A: This programme is both guide and teacher.  For those that simply want to follow a day by day and meal by meal plan it is laid out for you or you can use the tools and information to craft your own meal plans.  We also provide recommend additional nutritional support through whole food supplements. Want to see a sample of the suggested recipes? Download the FREE one day trial here. Or Check out our recommended supplements here in this One Day Download.

Q: Will I really get a refund?

A: YES! When you reach your goal of either 16lbs weightloss or 6% Body Fat we will refund you your full $197 or you can put that money against a 12 month VIP membership saving $35 a month – only $62 a month instead of $97.   We also have a Satisfaction Guarantee, you can read more about that here.

Q: What if I try the programme and it doesn’t work for me?

A: To truly try anything you must give it time and trust in the process. It takes more than 21 days to turn something new into a daily habit and it takes at least 28 days to notice true life changing results.  If after 28 days of truly following the programme, you are not satisfied, I guarantee to refund your programme in full to you as part of our Satisfaction Guarantee

Q: Do I have to do the workouts or can I just follow the eating plan?

A: The crux of this programme is based on carb cycling.  This is an intentional variaion of your carbohyrate intake based on the workouts you will be doing to maximise fat burn and energy levels.  Without the exercise, you will not be maximising your fat burning potential or helping your body to build lean muscle which is the key element in looking leaner and curvier

That said, following either the workout plan or nutritional plan will deliver short term results, just not maximize the fat burning potential of when paired together… like shampoo and conditioner!!

Q: What happens if I can’t workout 3 times a week?

The magic number for exercising for a short term goal is a minimum of 3 (though 4 is better).  This means at least 3 kettlebell workouts of 10-30 minutes in a week.  (The first week is only 4 minute workouts so easily to fit into your schedule) We are talking less than 2 hours a week! 

Q: I have never lifted a kettlebell in my life, am I strong/fit enough to do this programme?

A: What I love about kettlebells is that they are the perfect beginners strength training tool for women.  They are compact, easy to use, effective and inexpensive and you can do so much with them from your own home. I currently have clients in their 50-60s who have never lifted a weight now leaner, stronger and fitter in a few weeks!

Q: Where do I get kettlebells from?

A: I have researched far and wide to find the perfect kettlebell for my goddesses.  I have written a blog post about this and a whole video is dedicated to this in the classroom  to aid in the process.  A beginners kit should not set you back more than $40- maybe only $30.

Q: What is carb cycling?

A: A carb cycling program is an intentional variation of carbohydrate intake each week. Most carb cycling plans consist of high carb days and low carb days. In all of my programs, base our cycle on the workouts we will be doing to maximize fat burn and energy levels.

Q: Am I a good fit for this program?

A: This program is for women only (men can invest in the program but can’t be in any of the Facebook Groups). In addition, this program has been incredibly successful for women who are beginners to strength training to those more active and with under 2 stone to lose. My program is geared for you to be active 3 times a week and will require commitment to that.

Q: Do I need a gym membership to complete the Warrior Goddess Body programme?

A: No, this is a one of the key benefits of this programme that can save you time and money. The workouts are designed for easy to follow, quick and effective home workouts.  If you wish, you could easily do them in a gym with a small amount of space.

Q: Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?

A. I provide guidelines for each day of our food cycle. For example, on low carb day I will indicate that your goal is to consume less than 50g net carbs. I will explain how to calculate your macros (carbs, fats, protein) and also give you a sample meal plan and recipes. However, you will have the flexibility to consume the foods you truly enjoy. This is not a diet.  It is a eating programme.  You just need to learn what to eat in relation to your day and cycle.

Q: Am I required to be on Facebook to join the program?

A: We recommend this as a lot of the support, questions and motivation is deliverd in our 24/7 Facebook group. Most of my clients choose to join our Facebook community group for daily tips and accountability. While I do recommend you join the Facebook group, it is not required for participation in the program.

Q: Do I have to do the programme right away?

A: One of the best things about this programme is that you have FOREVER Lifetime Access to the information in our digital classroom but once you START the 6 week challenge you cannot restart it unless you sign up and take it again.  You will only have access to the Facebook Community for the 6 weeks of your challenge. This means you can start the programme today and in 6 weeks you then move into our VIP Community and the next step in your Body Shape Change journey.

Q: I have a back/shoulder/knee injury, how can I adapt the exercises?

A: If you have been passed by a doctor and physio to exercise, then you are still able to workout. All exercises can be modified. You may just need to reduce the amount of reps and exercise more frequently rather than for longer periods of time. 5 x10 minute workouts is better than 1 hour a week.

Q: I have lower back pain, will I have to restrict some movements?

A: Did you know that at least 1 in every 3 of my clients tell me they have lower back pain? What I love about kettlebells is that it is the answer to reverse lower back pain. The exercises will help to build up strength in this area to relieve pain and give you strength.

Q: I don’t want to get bulky from the weights, will they make me bulky?

A: Weights don’t make you bulky, eating cupcakes do! haha What I love about kettlebells particularly is you get strength training but in an easy to use and fun little bullet. This is what you need to get truly lean and toned. It was when Lisa made the switch to kettlebells and strength training, away from endless cardio, that she got her flattest stomach of her life and awesome arms too! If you look at her (all 5ft of fairy ninja) she has been lifting with kettlebells for 5 years and is by no means bulky!

Q: Aren’t kettlebells really heavy? What if I am not strong enough?

A: Kettlebells are designed to help you get stronger in a dynamic and safe way and work on the important posterior kinetic chain of your glutes, hamstrings, hips and core.  Most of the moves we do work your lower body primarily.  Any upper body exercises we do use a lighter kettlebell and help you to gradually build up the fitness and strength week by week.  You will notice how quickly your body responds to these exercises for building strength as well as cardio vascular fitness.

Q: Do I have to buy protein powder or other shakes and pills?

A: We do advocate a Proothie- a protein smoothie as a cost effective and easy tool to help you to break your fast and reach your protein goals each day but this is not necessary if you are willing to eat additional protein and plants. That said, in my experience most women undereat protein by 100% and do not get enough essential phytonutrients in their diet which these supplements can bridge the gap for but it is entirely up to you.


When I was transitioning into becoming a stronger, fitter version of myself, I WISH that a program like this had existed to show me the way. I searched for a program and, when there was none, decided to create it to follow myself..

Now, I’m proud to offer you this kick ass program that I KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt, will deliver on the results you’ve been craving and boost your success to the next level.

You already KNOW what it takes. You’re strong and determined and are ready to develop the mindset to succeed. You just need a mentor you can trust (and who has done it before you) to show you how.


But NOW is the time to get on and take action, and with a complete program holding your hand every step of the way and there really hasn’t been a better time to give it your best shot to become your own Superhero.

Want to chat to an actual human?

→ If you are not quite convinced and have any questions about this offer, then just drop an email to to talk to one of the team via the contact chat box on this page. They’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.

Reach out. Ask your questions

Talk to the team.


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