Sexy Arm Workout

Do this easy, no gym, beginners workout in the comfort of your own home with only two pieces of kit.


These are my client’s favourite arm moves that in a matter of weeks will have your own looking slimmer, leaner and more toned than ever before.


Whether you’re rockin’ a swimsuit, a little black dress or a tank top, you want to show off strong, lean arms. But toning your arms is more…


Research indicates arm exercises can actually help reduce muscle pain in your neck and traps. With these moves, you’ll sculpt and define your arms, reduce excess fat, and get stronger and healthier.

For beginners, you’ll need a set of kettlebells- 2x 4kg or for those with a bit more experience you can go heavier with 2x6kg.

Do the exercises as presented in order here to prep your arms for each upcoming move, and be sure to rest your arms on alternate days.



The 10 Minute Sexy Arms Workout Plan

Kettlebells Needed

1x 6kg, 2 x 4kg kettlebells for Beginners

1x 8kg, 2 x 6kg for more Advanced


Warm Up

Head to Toe Warm Up

AMRAP Circuit: As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes

15 x Pullovers (AKA Barbies)

15 x Tricep Extensions (AKA Bye Bye Bingo Wings)

15x Alternating See Saw Press

1 x Half Turkish Get Up (each side)

4 x High Plank to Bell Ups


Pullovers (AKA Barbies)

Bring the kettlebell from navel to back of neck holding kettlebell at base of horns and keeping your arms as close to your head at possible.


Watch the videos below.

Tricep Extension (AKA Bye Bye Bingo Wings)

Hold kettlebell by base of horns, bring above head, keeping arms close to ears and elbows still, simply fold fore arms behind head at the elbow, without letting kettlebell touch head!

See Saw Press

Starting in the racked position of two kettlebells in your cleavage area, bring one kettlebell at a time up past your nose to be fully extended in the air above shoulder and behind ear, only hold in upright position for 2 secs, then bring down again past nose into racked position. Ensure to follow the kettlebell with your eyes the whole time, looking up at it.  Alternate arms.


Half Turkish Get Ups

Start in the recovery position, scoop up kettlebell and roll over to allow it into your rack lying down. Bend the same knee the kettlebell is in.  Move kettlebell out parallel to chest using elbow as a ‘stand’. Start the get up by simply pressing the bell into the air aiming for your navel. As you ‘press’ or push this out, lift your shoulder up and put weight on the opposite arm which becomes fully extended and as you do, lift your bum and put your weight on the extended arm. Then reverse your movements and bring the kettlebell back down SLOWLY to your chest and then on the ‘stand’.


High Plank to Bell Ups

Get yourself into a press up or high plank position to the side of the bell. Ensure your shoulders and brought over your hands. Spread finger wide on hands. Ensure your weight is evenly distributed on hands putting weight between first finger and thumb. Flatten your bum so it doesn’t ‘pitch’ up like a tent but tucking your tail bone in and lifting your hips slightly.  Keeping this position, move one hand at a time onto the bell beside you so you are doing a high plank on the bell.  Then move one hand at a time to the other side.  When both hands are back on the ground into a high plank, go back the other way, always with the inside hand moving first.

Beginners- do without the kettlebell or simply do a push up instead.

More Advanced- on an 12kg kettlebell with a wide base


Watch video below for high plank and push up positions

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