Do this easy, no gym, beginners workout in the comfort of your own home with only two pieces of kit.


These are my client’s favourite arm moves that in a matter of weeks will have your own looking slimmer, leaner and more toned than ever before.


Whether you’re rockin’ a swimsuit, a little black dress or a tank top, you want to show off strong, lean arms. But toning your arms is more…


Research indicates arm exercises can actually help reduce muscle pain in your neck and traps. With these moves, you’ll sculpt and define your arms, reduce excess fat, and get stronger and healthier.

For beginners, you’ll need a set of kettlebells- 2x 4kg or for those with a bit more experience you can go heavier with 2x6kg.

Do the exercises as presented in order here to prep your arms for each upcoming move, and be sure to rest your arms on alternate days.



The 10 Minute Sexy Arms Workout Plan

Kettlebells Needed:

1x 6kg for Beginners

1x 8kg for more Advanced


Warm Up: 




Clean Push Press Left x 15 reps

Clean Push Press Right x 15 reps

Halo Clockwise x 10 reps

Halo Anticlockwise x 10 reps

Tricep Bye Bye Bingo Wings x 15 reps

ο Repeat 2 – 3 times


Watch the videos below:

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