The Warrior Goddess Body 28 Day Online Programme

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A proven plan that works.
An completely online, interactive and detailed 4-week home based exercise plan for beginners to more advanced designed to tone and shape your hips, thighs, tummy and arms using only kettlebells and body weight.
A tribe of like minded women can achieve anything together. Allow yourself to feel supported and achieve your results together.
Step by step written workout routines for the home to suit both beginners and more advanced including over 50 instructional exercise video tutorials.
Motivational videos from me with tips and tricks focusing on building inner strength, confidence and a strong mind as well as body.
Nutritional guidelines based on a plant based diet that have been endorsed by a nutritionist, Full detailed weekly shopping lists.

A supplement guide for optimal health, to build your immune system and boost energy

4 reviews for The Warrior Goddess Body 28 Day Online Programme

  1. Barbara Nixon

    I can’t recommend this plan enough. Lisa has put so much work into this, making it so easy to follow. The programme doesn’t just tell you what to eat and what exercises to do, it explains why the different foods and moves are so good for your health and how to rest and take care of yourself throught the 28 days.
    By signing up, you’ll get access to online videos where Lisa demonstrates all of the exercises you’ll do over the 4 weeks, and if you’ve any questions they can be raised and quickly answered on the Facebook page.
    I’ve never been much of a healthy eater, or even a vegetable lover, but this programme got me to try lots of different types of food I never would have looked at before. Now that I’ve finished the 28 days, I’ve encorporated a lot of the meals into my regular diet, because they were so tasty. Some of my favourites include the Mushroom & Bacon Omelette,Coconut Chicken Burder Pattie, Pork & Apple Patties, Peanut Butter Protein Balls and the Green Goddess Smoothie. The recipes are quick and easy to make and very filling. Having tried lots of different diets over the years I can say that this plan isn’t actually a diet – you get plenty to eat on it and won’t feel like you’re starving. It’s more of a lifestyle change, and one that I will be continuing.

  2. Rebecca

    I completed the 28 day programme in January and lost 9lbs, losing a dress size! People I hadn’t seen since before Christmas immediately noticed the difference in my appearance and couldn’t believe it! The programme is easy to follow and all the recipes are so tasty. And they taste even better knowing I get noticeable results paired along side the workout programme which comes with the menu plan. Highly recommend everyone giving this programme a go. Guaranteed results!

  3. Debi Barr

    I’ve just completed this 28 day programme (April 2017) and honestly have never felt better! I have always found it hard to stick to “diets” and boring exercise routines but this programme is completely different. It is not a diet – it is an easy to follow, structured eating and exercise plan which really delivers results. I have lost 2.5 inches off my waist in 4 weeks, 2.5 off my bust which is great because I can now fit into nice clothes and bras! I also lost 1.5 off my lower tum which I never thought would be possible and an inch off my hips too. That’s a total loss of 7.5 inches in 4 weeks – I’ve dropped almost 2 dress sizes as a result and have more energy than ever before. The recipes are easy to follow and if you can get into the habit of meal prepping and being organised in advance then you will find that you can follow the meal plans without any problems. I’m actually enjoying exercise now! The kettle-bell routines and exercises that Lisa demonstrates in her videos are awesome and leave you feeling super strong and pumped! I cannot recommend this highly enough – go for it – you will be glad you did! I plan on making this plan a permanent way of life – excited to watch my body changing in a healthy way! Thank you Lisa!!

  4. Vicki Caddy

    The one big thing I can say about fully embracing this plan is that I am now in control of my appetite and free from the power of blood sugar highs and lows and all the associated bad food choices, binges and sugary “fixes” which have led to me putting on weight, even though I thought I was eating healthily. The key is the protein. And then there’s the carbs. And then there’s doing the sweaty exercise properly! Lisa takes you through all of it and makes it easy to understand and easy to follow. There is a heck of a lot of information in this programme. It’s all really well mapped out and explained. You can go deeper if you like to do that or take a simple approach if you prefer. There are quick easy to get into exercise plans you can do in your own bedroom if you can’t get to her classes (which are also a breath of fresh air btw!). There are daily menus and recipes which are not only quick and easy but really really tasty. I love my food so this is very important to me. Let me tell you this: when you follow this plan you do NOT feel like you’re on a “diet”.
    For me this is a really different way of looking at what you eat and when, but it works and when Lisa takes you through it, you understand it too. And as I said at the top, once you get the hang of it, you’re not hungry. I’m fact I haven’t been old-me “hungry” since I started to follow the plan properly, even on the fasting days! This means I’m not jumping on crisps, buns, bread and sweets when I feel like it. I’m aware of what I’m eating and making the right choices. That feels really good!
    I would say if you want to do this, it’s easy to follow but you should read around it a lot, get prepared, be organised and commit. It works. I lost 11lbs, I feel so much better about myself and I’m now in control of my appetite. Go for it and give it your all, it’s totally worth a bit of planning and a new way of thinking to set you up with lifelong healthy eating habits. I’m now also getting my confidence up with swinging kettlebells, feeling stronger week by week and seeing my shape change. People have remarked on my shape just narrowing in. It feels great to be going the right direction and the 28 Day Plan gave me the motivational kick up the arse and day by day hand-holding plan I needed to make the change happen! I highly recommend if you’re serious about changing your eating and adopting a healthy approach to food, without starving or depriving yourself. It’s fantastic!

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