Organic Virgin Coconut oil- The Protein Works


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil from The Protein Works™ is the finest quality coconut oil made from 100% pure organically grown Sri Lankan coconuts. It is cold pressed with no additives or preservatives to ensure all the healthy properties of this unique oil are locked in.

Listing the many benefits of coconut oil is difficult simply because there are so many. Also of the thousands of benefits proven by nutritional science, hundreds more are being uncovered every day. So in attempt to condense the long, lengthy list of nutritional advantages of including coconut in your diet, here the TPW™ Nutritionists have listed some of the most well-known.

  • 100% organic and strictly sourced and farmed ethically.
  • One of the world?s healthiest cooking oils.
  • Entirely cholesterol free.
  • Made using cold-press technology.
  • Contains absolutely zero trans fatty acids.
  • A great source of nutritional efficient and easily digested health fats (MCT’s and LCT’s).
  • An aromatic and subtle coconut taste that fuses brilliantly with most recipes.
  • Contains a perfect blend of healthy fats, including the heavily-researched and widely praised Lauric Acid that comprises 50% of the fat content.
  • Often used on hair and skin too


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