Customised Exercise & Eating Plan


Do you want a customised plan to figure out your nutrition for fatloss and lean muscle building?

Do you want to have someone create a bespoke exercise and eating plan to reach your goals?

Then you can avail of this session via Zoom Video Call.


Your 30 minute consultation studio based or via Zoom Video Call  includes:

  • Pre Consultation Personal Holistic Health Questionnaire
  • Customized 28Day Eating and Exercise Plan
  • Key recommendations on current habits, foods and barriers and improvements to make
  • Email follow up with links to key articles and resources to work on your own macros and 7 day carb cycle (no personalization is done with this initial consult)
  • FREE Unlimited access to the 3 Steps to Lose 5lbs in 10 day plan #3510 (learn about that here)

See our terms and conditions for booking and cancellation information.


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