#3510 Online Home Based Programme


The #3510 3 Steps to Lose 5lbs in 10 days Programme delivered 100% Online so that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home!

A simple 3 step plan to kickstart your weightloss and overall Body Shape Change created to teach you the fundamentals of Eating & Training for women just like you.
A Step by Step programme that covers everything you need from Beginners Guide to Kettlebell Training, 7 day of Meal Planning, Recipes, Emails and Exercise Demo Clips all guaranteeing 5lbs of fatloss in 10 days but feeling amazing and having a Body you are proud of!
  • The Kickstart you need with a completely DOABLE 3 step plan online: The #3510 Programme perfect for beginners or those new to kettlebell training
  • Learn how to Breakfast, what to eat when and what exercise to do.
  • 60 Page eBook and access to our Digital Studio with step by step 7 day meal plan, recipes, exercise, movement & self care videos following the female centric cyclical formula to teach you to #eatlikeawoman #trainlikeawarrior #feellikeagoddess
  • Access to Tribe of Kettlebell Warrior Goddesses, a dedicated Facebook Community Group to support women in the way that only women can be supported.
  •  For women of all ages and body types



What to Expect:

  • More than a Home Based Workout Programme…
  • Convenient multi-week, Online Group Boot Camp program that fits your busy schedule
  • Daily Accountability and a supportive approach that keeps you on track to accomplish your goal
  • Affordable package option that is among the lowest cost option you’ll find
  • The focus, quality, intensity, and commitment you’d expect from me, a holistic health coach and personal trainer with many years of success!
  • Looks at you and your whole life, not just your body, fitness and nutrition
  • Access to a classroom of over 30 videos.


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