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We are very excited to welcome the amazing Eliza Kingsford, mind/body practitioner and nationally recognized weight management  and body image expert, author of Brain Powered Weight Loss and a leading voice in the burgeoning mind/body connection movement.

Eliza says: “I help create breakthrough experiences for people who have tried everything to feel comfortable with their body and feel like they’ve failed.”

She is a licensed psychotherapist and is trained in clinical psychology, Neuro Emotional Technique [NET], and Emotional Freedom Technique  (EFT or tapping) methodologies.

Her track record of success has made her a highly sought-after treatment provider, specializing in body image, disordered eating and weight loss, by healing your source of suffering.

Her skillful integration of these techniques, along with my diverse clinical background, has given birth to a unique style of coaching that facilitates powerful personal change in my clients.

She helps you uncover the blocks buried deep within your own belief systems, some that you  are conscious of, and many that you are not.

The most important component in the battle with your body is healing the source of your suffering. Successful weight management requires shifting your identity and belief systems…well before diet and exercise.

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