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For those that don’t know me so well, I am obsessed with superheroes and strong female characters – in movies, books, real life.

I have always been obsessed with SUPERHEROS  and not just as a kid.

There is just something about their certainty, their journey, their uniqueness.

Their overall ‘bad ass ness’.

The Gods & Goddesses in ancient times to superheroes on comic book pages fill me with a sense of wonder, yearning and dreaming.

Of asking ‘What if’ and ‘Could I’?

But even superheros have a weakness.

Their alter ego.

Their humanity, their ‘cover’- that fake image they put out into the world.

We strive to fit in, to look the part, not rock the boat, to not offend or be offended. To be quiet and be beautiful. To not get found out.

My life hasn’t been what you probably think it has, we all have our struggles.  I wasn’t always this sure, this confident or strong.  Constantly second guessing myself, plagued with self doubt, no sense of self worth.

Honestly I felt frumpy, anxious, pudgey and lost.

But I was always opinionated.  I see myself as a feminist yes but also a humanitarian.   I was always sensitive and empathetic to what is going on in the world..

My real super powers.

My inner warrior strength, my compassion, my ‘fight’ for justice and wanting to save the world and that voice inside telling me I was made for more.

Although a part of me believed my conditioning that a skinny, smooth and wrinkle free body was worth more or that I had to look a certain way to attract a partner to procreate and in believing this all my inner strength would crumble as I look outside of myself for love, validation and acceptance.

We hear that inner calling telling us to ‘step up and be our best selves’’ but we ignore it for fear of judgement, fear of our truest selves and of the world seeing who we really are.

To putting ourselves out there to get hurt, to be disappointed and to fall flat on our face.

Wonderwoman is REAL- Wonder Woman is a mindset.


Mindset is 100% of your body shape change, lifestyle or life changing efforts.  You cannot set and achieve goals without working on your mindset first.  Yet very few programmes talk about it.


Very few programmes have a qualified life coach that become a nutritional advisor, health coach and then kettlebell instructor.


Most women just want to feel better and feel strong and in control and I find when you focus on strong- everything else takes care of itself.


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