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Hi I’m Lisa Barwise, ex Business Coach turned Wellness Alchemist, the kick ass catalyst in helping busy women to become stronger- in mind, body and character. It wasn’t that long ago I too lacked motivation, strength or the persistence needed to set and achieve goals in health, fitness and my body shape. Fast forward 10 years in studying human potential, nutrition, fitness and strength training and creating my own approach to women’s wellness Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training delivered in our unique community studio as well as our online tribe with the Warrior Goddess Body, I now help 1000s of women locally and globally to become the best version of themselves without fear of grind, guilt or burnout.

This is my first episode and it is here to help you to just FEEL BETTER.

I wanted to use my time and skills to help provide more positivity and practical advice to help my Goddesses, my Tribe and beyond to feel better and be better at handling chaos.

And know that you can get additional support in our Facebook Tribe Community, using the link below.

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