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Welcome to The Goddess Got Goals® Podcast!

I’m Lisa Barwise. Over the past 20 years, I’ve never ceased in my endless quest to better myself.

I’ve studied top experts, philosophers, authors and medical journals. After years of personal development,I’ve found the tools for shifting your beliefs, moving through fears, and developing a positive mindset that aligns with your feminine power, values, and passion & purpose – regardless of your past or current circumstances.

This podcast answers more than just the “How to get in shape over 40? How to focus on health, fitness and wellness as a busy, ambitious woman?”

But also looks at: “How to have that inner strength and personality reflected on the outside? And the biggest question of all, how can I save time, money and energy – to avoid burnout and stress- and still achieve your goals?”

The Goddess Got Goals Podcast is a live-workshop style health + wellness podcast packed with actionable step-by-step tips and real talk that are helping thousands of busy, ambitious women to become stronger- in mind, body and character, to be the best versions of themselves, without fear of grind, guilt or burnout.

Create some space for yourself and get comfy, it’s time to become the badass you were born to be.

Let’s look at our most popular episodes about GOALS…

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Our most popular episodes about MINDSET + MINDSET TOOLS

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66: Superhero not Superhuman

65: Tools of Transformation with Brit + Chris

60: Deal with Negativity from family and friends

58: Stop being so hard on yourself

55: Your Body is not something

51: Failure, Fitness and Femme Fatales

50: How to Build Resilience

46: I know what do do so why don’t I do it

42: Are you afraid to be feminine?

38: How to slay self doubt and stop self sabotage

23: Wonder Woman Mindset

12: The anxiety of perfectionism

Our most popular episodes about STRENGTH TRAINING + KETTLEBELLS

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104: How overexercising results in injury

103: How to master the basics consistently

93: Why Muscle Matters

20: The Evils of Exercise

15: I need to go to a class to be motivated

14: How home based kettlebell training changed my life

8: Why strength training may be the best thing you can do for your health

Our most popular episodes about BODY SHAPE CHANGE

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41: Interview with a Unicorn: How Stacey loses 19lbs and 7% body fat in 6 weeks

39: Growing up with the body image of Barbie

22: What’s the difference between Hunger V Appetite?

13: Eating Healthy v Eating for Fat loss

6: You can’t out exercise a bad diet

Our most popular episodes about NUTRITION + PLANT BASED DIET 

Our most popular episodes about HORMONES  + MENOPAUSE

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