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What Does a Transformational Coach Do?

People may seek the help of a transformational coach when they feel that they need help reaching their goals in life, or they need help chasing a more fulfilling life.

Normally when I’m approached by clients it is because they have lifestyle change, weightloss, body or confidence related goals.

My transformational programmes include consultations on lifestyle goals including nutrition, fitness, healthy eating, family relationships, confidence, inner or outer strength and other issues.

I will typically help each of my clients work around and bad habits, negative self-images, bad attitudes, and perceived limitations that are holding them back.

In addition to a nutritional plan and exercise plan, clients work on goals with a mindfulness programme and journalling to overcome obstacles and bad habits.

Instead, a transformational coach will usually help his clients focus on their positive talents and abilities. Working with a transformational coach can help people put their past – including all of their failures or perceived failures – to rest, charge forward with new goals to better their lives, and transform into the amazing people they were always meant to be.

These programmes can be delivered face to face or online.

For more information on how I could help you, then fill out the below contact form to arrange a Lifestyle Consultation.

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