What do you write in that journal?


How do you meditate in the morning and not fall back to sleep?


How do I make time for these practices?


Well as always I am here to answer the most pressing questions I get on a weekly basis from our Sexy Strong Warrior Goddesses or from comment and messages from you readers and followers.


Here is a 10 minute video outlining part of my morning routine that includes how I journal, meditate, and set up my day.


My morning routine starts like this:

  • Wake Up
  • Go to Bathroom
  • High Five myself in the mirror (thank you @melrobbins)
  • I get back into bed to meditate for 10 minutes sitting up (Abundance meditation)
  • I do my 3 journalling practices:

1. Write out my goals – recently I purchased the High 5 Habit Journal- but you can just do this in a notebook.  I personally write mine in the present tense with I AM or I HAVE statements because I can often be too future focused but you need to find your own way for you.  Perhaps I WILL HAVE works or I LOVED or I ENJOYED for the past tense.

2. Write out my 3 Things to be Grateful for- and not just the big things, but the smaller daily blessings.

3. Write out my Big 3 tasks for my business/goals in my Michael Hyatt Full Focus Planner and then set a time when I will be ending my day


And then I get on with the rest of my morning (Hydration potion, Green Goddess Proothie, take my supplements and 5-10 minutes of movement or mobility).

Want to hear more about the rest of my morning routine? I cover it here in Episode 9: The Ultimate Morning Routine Guide

Need help determining your own goals or daily habits? I always suggest to my clients doing our Ideal Day Visualisation Meditation exercise to help you to visualise how you want to live your ideal day – which is really your ideal life!  Your daily routine and rituals to help you to achieve the life you want to live and HOW you want to live and become the person you want to be.

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