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It’s OK if some days you feel like you’re drowning in a never ending to do list you will never see the end of.

You are trying ALL the things but you are spinning plates and spinning wheels.

Or if, at times, you feel like you are going mad trying to be a good mum, wife, employee or boss, daughter, friend whilst still trying to exercise, eat right, drink water, get enough sun, walk your dog, take your supplements and look after your skin!

Phew! that was exhausting even to write!

I’ve been there, my friend. And trust me when I say…

You have no idea how good your body is designed to feel.  How not only you will get into shape and be amazed what you see in the mirror, but how you can reduce those aches and pains, sleep better, feel less bloated and honestly transform your self inside and out, in just a few weeks.

So hang in there. Hold your vision close. And know that the small steps you take each day will lead to the results you want to see. Even if that elusive next level feels out of reach right now.


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15 Most Common Kettlebell Training Mistakes

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“I Know What to Do So Why Don’t I Do it” with Eliza Kingsford

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Beginners Guide to Macros (why count, how to track & getting started)

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Tiny Improvements, Superhero Results

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Are 3x 30 min workouts really enough?

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7 Things I wish I knew starting out my strength and fitness journey

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How to Master the Basics Consistently

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I’m a beginner to kettlebell and for eating for fat loss over 40

I’m struggling with nutrition, meal planning and implementing carb cycling

I’m mostly struggling with motivation and mindset blocks- need a pep talk!

Hormone imbalance, Perimenopause or Post menopausal challenges are what are what I am struggling with most right now

I need help with dealing with burnout, a health condition, injury or mobility.

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