Beginner – Build Lean Muscle whilst Staying Lean

Key Steps

The focus will be on you following a PLAN and learning what it means to FEED YOUR GAINS.  The mindset shift here will be overcoming your diet and exercise mindset.  For you to feel OK with your body changes which means that measurements or the scale may go up and clothes will no longer fit in places like your arms or thighs or butt as you GROW.  You will also need to learn what it means to follow an Eating and Training plan.  We want you to begin your journey into consistency and learning our 7 day cycle and matching your eating to your workouts.  It is essential you follow the meal plan, the serving simplifier or you can begin to track your macros in your 7 day cycle if this is what is in your personalisation plan.  

Your Tendency

Understanding how your tendency and scenario intersect and give you guidance on ensuring your success


1. OBLIGERS: The key is not to focus on the outcome and become impatient with yourself and your results but on your daily habits. You will find that your Diet Mindset and previous history may play a part in blocking your success. Focus on accountability.  Lean into our Facebook group. Post your daily diary, find an obliger buddy to partner with, celebrate your wins and build in weekly treats (this doesn’t have to always be food!).  You may want to look at investing in 1:1 coaching with us if you feel your motivation waning.


2. QUESTIONNERS: Don’t get hang up on the details.  Enjoy the research and the data, but there is no PERFECT information. You know it makes sense as you are here. Observe your excuses (you are great at them). Rather than asking how it works, ask yourself: “What needs to get done today? How can YOU work it better or just make that 1% improvement each day”.   What would Wonder Woman Do?


3. UPHOLDERS: Schedule your workouts, determine your goals and habits and just get busy! Don’t focus on the outcome or get too single minded on the results.  Remember, tiny improvements, superhero results!


4. REBELS: Find the value in your habits and in what is important to you in this journey – forgive yourself for how you have spent your time and money until now and know that you can achieve anything you want with this program. 

Eating Focus

Most women have no idea how to eat to build lean muscle and burn fat. Remember that this is NOT a diet and it is not just about ‘eating healthy’.

In fact, this will possibly be your kryptonite.  As you learn to eat like a woman and eat to FEED your muscle GAINS is a whole new process to get used to. 

It is an eating plan or in fact we call it an eating protocol.  Learning how to eat the right thing at the right time for the right purpose and this takes time to educate yourself on.

Plus our 7 day carb cycling formula will be new to you as well as protein shakes and meal planning in this way.

Women tend to under estimate the importance of this part of the plan and thinking they can skip ahead to do some workouts.

But if workouts were the answer, then you can just go and download 1000s of free ones from Youtube, right?

And there is a lot of reeducaating that needs to be done.

Then there is a lot of bad habits to break and foods to try. 

You MUST focus building strong habits in meal planning, meal prepping, eating and supplementation.

And learning to EAT & TRAIN and not DIET and EXERCISE.

Exercise Focus

You need to learn to follow a training plan and a daily training habit.

As Warrior Goddesses we don’t Diet & Exercise, We Eat and Train and this will be a big mindset shift here.

Learning that exercise isn’t entertainment or punishment for what you eat but as a process to get stronger.

Focusing on the training to build lean muscle or HIIT workouts to scorch fat.

Become obsessed with lifting heavier or doing better so that your training becomes addictive and not just something on your to do list.

We want you to be able to lift heavy as soon as possible.  Get you STRONG fast because the biggest gains and the best results are when you swing and lift heavy.

And then learning how to train to manage your energy and hormone balance so that you can remain consistent, build lean muscle, recover and be able to go again the next day. We need to help you to avoid overexercising.

Self-Care Essentials


You need to prioritise your goal- your own wants and desires- and your own self care.

Start with telling your friends and family you are doing this.

Schedule an hour a day into your own schedule to pursue this- this will include your workout, meal prep, eating and self care.

This time is non negotiable.  Like a hospital appointment.  

You must communicate to your partner, children, family and colleagues that this is what you are doing and this time is yours.

And then no going back to people pleasing, hiding behind family obligations (we all do it) and not addressing self doubt and self sabotaging thoughts and behaviours.



You cannot rely on willpower or motivation.  We will teach you and help you to develop two new skills: Consistency & Persistence.  Together these skills deliver you Discipline and that is the habit that will ensure you stick with this for the long run. It is essential that you WORK on your mindset and ridding yourself of MINDSET blocks and limiting beliefs.  Use the journals, access the blog posts and the podcast episodes and actively work on your mental health and belief systems.

Your First 6 Weeks Challenge Summary Suggestions:

1. We suggest you follow the Meal Plan option and eat everything on the plan.

2. Follow the Beginners level Training Plan unless you have specific kettlebell experience and do not overexercise (do more than what is on the plan).

3. Get enough Protein (consume extra post workout protein shake)- Avoid Dairy & Gluten

4. Rest More- even during exercise, especially during luteal & menstrual phases and avoid over exercise.

5. Do shorter workouts and then build up- no more than 30 minutes but can be 3 times or 5 times a week depending on the phase in your cycle.

6. Add more workouts in certain phases of your cycle when you have energy and pull back when energy is low

7. Manage stress with meditation, yoga, walks, baths

8. Take hormone balancing supplements to biohack your system

9. Utilise the mindset journals and listen to the podcast episodes