Access these hormone balances resources and tools.

Time to Balance Your Hormones with this Special Bundle




Hormone Health 101


Setting your energy and training time up for success starts with how you eat and your pre and post workout rituals. Use this guide to find out how to set yourself up for an awesome strength training session.


Menopause Masterclass with Lorraine Miano


Learn how to live symptom free – with key exercise, nutrition and self care lifestyle practice changes



Training through your Menstrual Cycle


Managing your energy is more important than managing your time and aligning yourself to your infradian rhythm AKA your menstrual (or energy) cycle and matching your workouts to this cycle is essential.



My Flow Menstrual Tracking App


You cannot balance your hormones without first measuring and tracking your cycle and then documenting how you feel in each stage of your cycle.  You must track before you can measure if you are feeling better and that what you are doing is actually helping.  This app will help you do just that.


Cycle Syncing Guide


Adding or limiting certain foods and seeds during each part of your menstrual cycle. Syncing your eating and training to the different stages to your menstrual cycle can optimise energy, sleep and even weight loss.


Reset your Circadian Rhythm


The best tool you have to balance your hormones- sleep! And this short guide gives you the essentials to reset this rhythm and sleep better and feel better!


Live Toxin Free Guide


The often forgotten element to hormone imbalances is your environment- that’s the things impacting you, your body and your hormones especially as a woman in perimenopause, this guide gives you an insight into how you can begin to live toxin free.


 EFT Tapping App to Reduce Stress & Anxiety


Here is the app I use daily to reduce my stress and anxiety which is elevated during perimenopause.  This is essential daily nervous system work to feel better, more resourceful and able to follow through on your goals.