“Free Online Home Workouts are the Fitness DVDs of the 90s….

Did you do those?

No, then you are not likely to do the home workouts either.

Harsh truth!

If you have been following me for a while now you might know that I claim to be the laziest fitness professional out there.  I’m not naturally athletic nor internally motivated.

And yeah, I bought those DVDs and did I ever actually watch them? No, I did not!

The only time I ever watch and followed one was when I met the person creating her own Youtube content who told me about kettlebell training.  I bought my plastic, sand filled kettlebells and got to work.

What changed for me was knowing that it could work, could work for me and they were short 10-15 minute workouts.

She was able to show me a way that me- someone really unfit and unmotivated- could stick to something, get results and just feel good about myself.

But it was because these workouts came as part of a programme.  A step by step process.  And I had accountability from the community.

Really! I got in my best shape ever 7 years ago from home swinging my kettlebell in my living room- FACT!

So it is not workouts you need, but a programme.  A community and A coach.  That accountability is the missing piece to ensuring you get in your best shape yet.


Watch the full video below to get all the juicy info!


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