The Warming Winter Wellness Retreat for Women

Sunday 12th November | 11am-5pm
Only 8 Spaces per workshop

Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Studio
Instructors: Lisa Barwise & Tessa Ann

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Take time for you…

The essence of this one day retreat is taking some time out to relax before the hectic festive season. Our team helps you to see this retreat as an opportunity to enjoy this darker, hibernation time of year.

We give you permission to slow down.

This Weekend One Day retreat is tailored to be in sync with the slower rhythms of nature that this time of year presents.

Come and experience a luxury, warming space to melt into, understand what food and self care you need to nourish your body, enjoy divine, belly warming food, tea and snacks and restorative yoga to ease away winter stresses and strains, challenging you when needed, and therapeutic calming sound healing meditations.

Enjoy still time to reflect, journal and be present on this special day.

You will leave so calm, content and chilled ready to take on the busy festive time ahead.

We would love for you to join us on this retreat, so you can start cultivating a supple body and a clarity of mind that will keep you feeling healthy and vital through the colder months ahead.

A fully day session to provide a welcoming, warming environment to truly restore, replenish and revive your body and soul to easy away winter stresses and strains and provide respite from a hectic festive season.


30 Minute Opening Meditation with Intention Setting,  Introducing the art of Journalling for Introspective learning, reflection and healing with mindfulness meditation and mindful colouring of Mandala works.

Open sessions for reflection and journalling and Mandala coloring.


45 Minute talk with Lisa Barwise covering the key aspects of Nourishing your Body with Nutrition, Healing and Self Care Practices to build resilience, immune strength and energy covering:

  • Understanding nature’s cycles and eating for the season
  • Building immunity through gut health and energy boosting foods
  • Embracing our monthly cycles of life and energy
  • Healing stress with nourishment and self care
  • Overcoming Hormonal, Adrenal Fatigue and stress and how it affects the body


Homemade heart warming winter lunch to support your immune system, warm your soul and nourish your body with buckets of tea and warm mulled fruit punch, indulgent healthy snacks and naughty nibbles to leave your body replenished from inside out.


90 minutes of Restorative Yoga and Sound Meditation and Healing  from Tessa Ann of Sound Healing Spa to restore and revitalize your body to be still with restorative yoga to ease away winter stresses and strains, challenging you when needed, and therapeutic calming sound healing meditation.


Plenty of time for reflective, chatting and mingling with blankets, tea and warming hot water bottles.

Each attendee also gets:

  • Their own Journal to make notes on throughout the day
  • Their own fluffy hot water bottle to take home to hug and enjoy the warmth
  • FREE eBook Copy of the Warrior Goddess Body Book written by Lisa Barwise
  • Goodie bag with: nutritional samples and nourishing goodies.
  • £5 voucher to be used against any other service.







Bookings are non-refundable.

Visit our T&Cs page here for more booking info.


Tessa Ann

November 12 @ 11:00
11:00 — 17:00 (6h)

Kettlebell Training Studio

Lisa Barwise, Tessa Ann

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