The 4 Step Nutritional Formula to achieve your Warrior Goddess Body

Monday 30th October | 7.30pm-9.30pm
Only 10 Spaces per workshop

Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Studio
Instructor: Lisa Barwise

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Let me ask you…
Are you finding your weight loss plateauing? Can’t shift the stubborn belly fat? Are you finding it harder and harder to recover after exercise? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Want a strong and lean body in your 40s and 50s from inside and out?
Then you need to learn about…

Eating the Right Thing, at the Right time for:

• A flat stomach
• Recovery and avoiding burnout
• Strength and building lean muscle
• Your immune system
• More Energy

A 2-hour session covering the importance of nutrition and supplementation in relation to achieving your health, fitness, strength and body goals.

45 Minute chat covering the key aspects of eating the right thing at the right time for the right purpose and covering:

• What to eat in relation to exercise for Fat burning and Muscle building
• When to eat carbs and fat
• Counting macros not calories
• The basics about supplementation and why it is essential
• Transitioning to a plant-based diet (which doesn’t mean being a vegan)
• Hormones, adrenal fatigue and stress and how it affects the body
• Embracing the cycles of life and energy experienced only by women including self-care practices, meditation and intermittent fasting.

30 minutes of Live Q&A

Each attendee will be sent a holistic health questionnaire and blank food journal and get answers to bespoke questions about their own diet.

15 minutes of post-workshop mingling and tea drinking and healthy snacks whilst I make a series of smoothies for you to try.

Each attendee also gets:

  • Herbal teas or coconut water plus healthy vegan and gluten-free snacks to try
  • FREE eBook Copy of the Warrior Goddess Body Book written by Lisa Barwise
  • Goodie bag with: nutritional samples, handouts and discounts
  • A handout on the 4 Step Formula to take home to reflect upon at home
  • Access to online FREE resources, downloads and guides on Supplements, Carb Cycling and calculating your macros.
  • Generous discounts to the 28 Day Warrior Goddess Body Programme and Online Bootcamp
  • £5 voucher to be used against any kettlebell 6-week programme, workshop or block of
  • 10 kettlebell class sessions

“Thank you, Lisa, for all eating and wellbeing guidance. Definitely, a lot to think about and a complete reassessment of food consumed required. Really enjoyed x”- Angela   

“really enjoyed the day, lots of really good information, now to make changes thanks, lisa x”- Charlotte   

“Fun and informative x”- Barbara








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October 30 @ 19:30
19:30 — 21:30 (2h)

Kettlebell Training Studio

Lisa Barwise

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