Tuesday 30th October | 7.30pm-8.45pm
Only 12 Spaces per class

Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Studio
Instructor: Lisa Barwise

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The time between the Times.

To the ancient Celts, the year had two “hinges.” These were Beltaine (the first of May) and Samhain, (the first of November), which is also the traditional Celtic New Year. And these two days were the most magical, and often frightening times of the whole year.

At Samhain (which corresponds to modern Halloween), time lost all meaning and the past, present, and future were one. The dead, and the denizens of the Other World, walked among the living. It was a time of fairies, ghosts, demons, and witches. Winter itself was the Season of Ghosts, and Samhain is the night of their release from the Underworld. Many people lit bonfires to keep the evil spirits at bay. Often a torch was lit and carried around the boundaries of the home and farm, to protect the property and residents against the spirits throughout the winter.

For me it’s a time to honour our ancestors and with death acknowledge rebirth…

The 1st November marks the Celtic new year and in this way a path for us to reflect on the past year, our challenges and our successes and set forth intentions for the year to come.

It is a time of reflection, of introspection, of soul searching and in this way the best time to truly be sit with yourself and remind yourself what is important.

Not only a time to honour our dead, those no longer with us, but to feel their impact and their presence in what we do.  A powerful and emotional celebration.

A 1 hour session offering you the chance to tune into the energies of this cosmic event, to heal, to be energised and to restore.

Will include a introductory talk on the sabbats, the power of these celebrations and how it affects energy and the female body.
We will have a special altar and a festival of lights, fire and candles.
Plus a Earth Oracle Card Reading to bring about awareness and magical insight.
Followed by a 20-30 minute healing guided meditation for intention setting.  Please wrap up warm and bring your own cushions and blankets.

And ending with warm healing herbal teas and girlie chat to ground before heading home for an awesome sleep.

Delivered by Lisa Barwise, a certified Fairyologist, Mindfulness Meditation practitioner and bad ass light worker, who brings her shine to heal and restore.







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