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10th January | 7th February | 13th March

1st May | 5th June

Only 12 Spaces per class

Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Studio
Instructor: Lisa Barwise

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Full Moons Release

“We live between the act of awakening and the act of surrender. Each morning, we awaken to the light and the invitation to a new day in the world of time; each night, we surrender to the dark to be taken to play in the world of dreams where time is no more.” -John O’Donohue

2020 is set to be a magical year..

The cosmos is not going to disappoint in 2020 with some amazing energies and reasons to celebrate the feminine power.

This is for the woman who feels

• Stuck like she’s going through the motions

• Overwhelmed and burnt out from being in a cycle of gogogo and she has no energy to do things she loves

• Out of balance and all over the place

• Disconnected from her power

• Like she’s running on empty because she’s putting others needs before her own

• Lonely and is missing deep connection with other like-minded women

• Like life is ‘okay’ but she knows she’s capable of so much more

• Frustrated and irritated because she’s reading all the books, listening to the podcasts but nothing is changing

• Imposter syndrome and self-doubt

• Scared of judgement so she people pleases and it leaves her feeling unsatisfied

• Sick of self-sabotaging through excessive partying, emotional eating, procrastination etc

• Like she’s not in the driver’s seat of her own life

• Sick of being stressed and anxious around ‘not having enough’


If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, this is for you.


She’s craving:


• Clarity on her life’s mission and purpose

• Unstoppable confidence and certainty within herself

• Setting strong boundaries and saying no with conviction

• Self love and acceptance

• Liberation of negative thoughts

• Fearlessness in the pursuit of her goals

• A non-judgemental space to express her truth

• An extraordinary life with more joy, love, abundance and pleasure

• Physical, mental and spiritual balance

• The skills to harness the law of attraction so she can naturally attract massive positive shifts in her life with ease rather than chasing after them

An empowerment session offering you the chance to tune into the energies of this cosmic event, to heal, to let go and shed unwanted negative energies.

Will include a introductory talk on moon cycles, the power of the full moon and how it affects energy and the female body.  
We will also be adding a new element of a book club of female empowerment and personal development topics.
Books can be listened to via Audible or buy a hard copy beforehand. We will discuss some of the topics listed in the book for at least 30 minutes.
List of Books:
Plus a Goddess Power Oracle Card Reading to bring about awareness and magical insight.
Followed by a 20-30 minute healing guided meditation for intention setting.  Please wrap up warm and bring your own cushions and blankets.

And ending with warm healing herbal teas and girlie chat to ground before heading home for an awesome sleep.

Delivered by Lisa Barwise, a certified Fairyologist, Mindfulness Meditation practitioner and bad ass light worker, who brings her shine to heal and restore.








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January 10 @ 19:15
19:15 — 21:00 (1h 45′)

Kettlebell Training Studio

Lisa Barwise

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