Life Cycle Type

The Maiden

Hormone Type

Hormone Immaturity

Key Symptoms

You are not taking any contraception and have a somewhat regular cycle but you often feel at the whim of your cycle. Sometimes all out at sea.  Bloatedness, cravings and PMS can cause havoc and the rise and fall of energy make it hard to be consistent with exercise and self care during certain times of the month.

Eating Focus

Your estrogen and progesterone are playing nicely together on the metabolic see-saw, so it’s important not to make too many changes too fast and knock them off balance. To enhance your ability to burn fat, make this one simple change:

Count-up the amount of carbs you eat on the average Reg Cal  or Feast days. On Low Carb days keep your carbs until after exercise.

For the first half of your cycle, when estrogen is on top of the see-saw, don’t change a thing. Just try to eat about the same amount of carbs every day. That’s because you have enough estrogen to buffer the fat-storing effect of insulin. This means you can choose to simple eat like it’s a Reg Calorie Day all week (no Fasting, no Low Carb or Low Cal and No Feast days).

But during the second half of your cycle, progesterone is at the top of the see-saw which means your body is less likely to fight off insulin’s fat-storing effect… and more likely to turn carbs into fat. So, replace half of your normal carbs with protein which can help protect you from gaining weight when estrogen isn’t around. These are the 2-3 weeks you need to follow the Carb Cycle formula.

This one change can prevent the hormonal see-saw from wreaking havoc on your metabolism… and help you turn up your ability to burn off body fat.

Exercise Focus

Work out a little differently during the first and second half of your cycle:

During the first half of your cycle, your extra estrogen can be somewhat beneficial, so feel free to go a little harder or workout a little longer. If you want, you can add a an extra class or extra run to your workout routine once a week.

But during the second half of your cycle, when you have a little more progesterone, scale back a little. Stick to just the 20 minute workouts in the program.

Your best way to increase your movement during this side of the cycle is by walking for an hour a day. But there’s a catch… you should walk at a slow, relaxed pace. No “power walking!” Your walk should be slow enough that your body doesn’t feel like it’s exercising. That way you produce less cortisol and keep insulin in check. And this walking doesn’t have to be done all at once. It can be less stressful on your body if you split it into two 30 minute walks. Or even four 15-minute walks. So walk to work! Walk your dog! Get out in nature!

Self-Care Essentials

In the first half of your cycle, estrogen buffers some of the effects of stress so you can afford to be more active. But toward the second half – as estrogen drops off somewhat, you become more stress reactive. Try to add in some extra relaxation and restorative activities during this time (like an Epsom Salt bath) and more yoga and meditation.

Supplement Essentials

The essential vitamins for any woman

  • Juice Plus or a quality trace minerals or multi vitamin
  • Vitamin D with Vitamin K and Sea Iodine
  • Vegan Omegas 3, 6, 9.
  • Magnesium – up to 1000mu a day (500 in morning and evening)


Protein Supplement

Protein Works Raw Vegan Protein Powder which satiates hunger, regulates blood sugar and boosts your metabolism through helping to build lean muscle.


Chronium or Cinnaforce

Blood sugar level regulator to help level regulate PMS cravings.


My go to for short term focus needs on projects at work


Oat straw tincture

Instant stress reliever


Hyland’s Insomnia

A homeopathic blend of hops and chamomile that soothe the nervous system, so you can fall asleep more easily (non habit forming)

Your Nutrition, Exercise & Lifestyle
Plan Summary Suggestions

  1. Follow Carb Cycling programme- Eat Carbs in morning and night on Reg Cal and Feast days.
  2. Go Plant Based- get more Fibre from Greens and green smoothies are your friend. Get essential isoflavones from Tofu and tempeh. 
  3. Ride the Estrogen wave and squeeze in more exercise after your period has finished
  4. When Progesterone is high (during ovulation and PMT) enjoy more rest based activities- long, easy walks, yoga, meditation and long baths.
  5. Spend time with friends and drink wine- enjoy sense of community.
  6. Focus on 3 x30/45 min Metabolic Conditioning workouts a week and add in one or two more workouts on high estrogen weeks.
  7. Manage stress with meditation, yoga, walks, baths
  8. Take hormone balancing supplements to deal with spiking blood sugar levels and cravings, plus bloating or sleep issues.
  9. Meanwhile, focusing on protein keeps hunger and cravings at bay. That’s because protein is more filling than both carbs and fats, so it controls your appetite more at a time in your life when you feel the most out of control. Plus, protein is harder for your body to store as fat, so it’s less like likely to result in a bloated PMS belly.