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Rosa is a IKFF master kettlebell instructor and health coach who discovered kettlebells early on in her training career. 15 years later and she’s just as obsessed with them today as she was on day one.

She says: ” There is something so empowering about swinging a heavy metal ball around…lol . The best part has been coaching other women to use kettlebells to become physically stronger. Physical strength not only changes a woman’s shape but also her confidence and everything around her. My mission has always been to help as many women as possible to fully take charge of their health and well-being- a strong mind and body, but also a strong immune system. You cannot train if you are sick, tired or injured. Being fit is not the same as being healthy and I want to help you become both.”

Dubbed by her clients as the ‘fixer of broken bums’, Rosa’s experience with kettlebell training has helped so many women say goodbye to lower back pain and hello to peachy Goddess curves!

Rosa’s been blessed with many experiences throughout her career from writing for top UK Health & Fitness magazines to training and living with a Princess in Saudi Arabia.