You need to start somewhere and why not choose the most effective, fun, easy going fitness class out there and join our 6 Week Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training Beginners Programme.

This is what others before you have said:

“I attended warrior goddess Kettlebell training for beginners. I absolutely loved it! The class was very welcoming for a first timer like me. Lisa is fab! She’s extremely knowledgeable about health, fitness and wellbeing and any doubts or questions I had she was there with just what I needed to hear.”- Cherie

“Thank you Lisa, for the last six weeks! I really enjoyed every Thursday evening, it was just great to be pushed to work out and than relax and get home in time for dinner 🙂 Before i started the course, i really wondered how much i could do with the kettlebells, because i had no experience with weights at all. But i always felt safe and can feel the results”- Frauke

“I’ve nearly finished the beginners classes and already signed up for more! Lisa is a really enthusiastic instructor and makes the classes fun. The surprise treats are pretty great as well. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone looking to strengthen and tone but in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”- Grace

And they all started by investing in this programme and turning up for themselves.

So much more than just a fitness class. It is the start of a new you. A new lifestyle, a new body and a new attitude.

A Warrior Goddess way of life. Get lean, strong and curvy!

A step by step course for women only, covering the basic principles of using kettlebells safely including proper technique, breathing and form. You’ll be guided to understand safe movement building up your knowledge of moves and cardio fitness and learn to step into your power as a Warrior Goddess in training, building your strength from the outside and inside become stronger and more flexible in body and mind.

Classes include meditation, yoga stretching and online group support with only 8 maximum per class to ensure more personal coaching and reassurance.

Pre-booking is required – just £60 investment for your health and well-being for the 6 week course.

Classes performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Please notify the instructor of any outstanding injuries or medical conditions prior to booking to ensure suitability for a class environment and to reassure you of any concerns.

The Programme cannot be joined after the first session has started, you need to wait until the next programme available.

All purchases are made online and non refundable. Beginners Programme places can be transferred with 4 days notice by email. For full details on cancellations and refunds, click here.

Price: £60  | Bring a Friend: £100 for 2







Progressing to Graduate Classes

Once you have completed your Beginners Workshop you can join any one of our 15 kettlebell only weekly classes at anytime and save when you become a Unlimited monthly member and the chance to get classes for as little as £5 a class.


Better suited to the Beginners Workshop Fast Track Session?

Not sure if you are better suited to the Beginners 2 Hour Workshop or keen to move into our weekly classes more quickly. Find out more here


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  • Please bring a bottle of water with you and dress in usual workout wear or a tshirt and leggings.  You will be asked to remove shoes and socks unless they are special grip yoga socks.  If you do not have these socks but have cold feet, you can purchase these from Podium for Sport at a discount.
  • Please come in 10-15 min before your first scheduled class or workshop.
  • If there is a class still in action, please wait outside the doors in the foyer and be mindful that there may be a meditation session in progress.
  • As class is dispersing or if no class before you, enter and leave your person items in the designated cloak room area including your shoes in the shoe holders.
  • There is a toilet and small changing room area on the 1st floor at the very end of the corridor (through the red door).   It is not glamourous but I hope it is clean and a black box of essential girlie items is there for your convenience.
  • We have shoe cubbies and storage for you to use for your personal items which are safe within the studio.
  • We ask you to turn off all mobile phones.
  • There are no showers on the premises.
  • We do not have a water fountain, however bottled water and coconut water are available for purchase for only £1 from our fridge.
  • A mat should be set up for you with beginner bells of purple/blue and pink.
  • Pick a spot you feel comfortable with.
  • You will have a form to complete on your first class asking about injuries and your goals.
  • If you have an injury or anything that prevents you from doing certain physical activity, please inform the instructor before purchasing your programme as it is non refundable and can only be transferred in advance of class starting (4 days notice).
  • Do not perform any of the advanced movements until you are comfortable with the swing and any of the modified movements.
  • Please feel free to ask the instructor any questions pre/post training.
  • We encourage you to accomplish our double handed swings with a challenging weight but this will be supervised.