Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Training

Charity Beginners Workshop

A Carefully Designed Combination of Kettlebells, Yoga and Martial Arts for Fatloss, Fitness and Strength

And we love running these ‘Bells for Boobs’ Workshops to support local charities dedicated to helping Women.

This month we are supporting Women’s Aid.

The Beginners Workshop is not 2 hours of working out but rather a blend of introduction to nutrition/mindfulness/kick ass martial arts / kettlebell move drills / 45 mins HIIT training / yoga stretching and meditation all in one class!

What is it?


Using the strength & power of the Kettlebell to build lean muscle… no bulk. Get strong inside and out and become a fat burning machine.


A programme created from the findings of Dr Tabata and the efficiency of High Intensity Interval Training to get your fitter faster, you will totally love the explosive and fun nature on this style of training.


Fat Burning and Muscle Definition from Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Kick Boxing. Plus who doesn’t love to feel a little kick ass too!


Drawing from the best of lengthening and strengthening yoga poses in addition to mindful meditation to focus on reducing stress for maximum fatloss, building a strong body and strong mind.


Focusing on necessary nutrition for building lean muscle, optimising energy and guaranteeing fatloss all while giving your metabolism a much needed kick start.


All participants get to try homemade raw energy boosting smoothies and snacks and a goodie bag to take home to optimise recovery and repletion.

And no, you will not be working out for the full 2 hours!

This is a blend of introduction to nutrition/mindfulness/kick ass martial arts /kettlebell move drills/20 mins HIIT training/yoga stretching and meditation all in one class!

Who Is It For?

  • Active ladies already involved in fitness, dance, yoga or spin classes looking to add strength and muscle tone
  • Ladies who want to take the step into strength or weight training without the weights area environment
  • Ladies looking to lean out, add muscle tone and boost their curves
  • Active ladies looking for a holistic approach to health and fitness
  • Ladies who just want to be stronger and maybe just a little kick ass too!
  • Can’t attend a full 6 week beginners programme or want to get started quickly to Join the Tribe and our 15 weekly graduate classes

And what do our goddesses before you say:

“What can I say – i loved it I recently attended Lisa’s workshop and was really impressed at how well it was planned and run. Taught how to correctly lift, the importance of good posture and how to use a kettle bell for maximum effect and so as not hurt myself. Shown various movements for both the upper and lower body. Particularly enjoyed the glutes training. Lisa’s bright and bubbly personality really helped the time go in and take the focus off the pain haha! I think i benefited most from the meditation at the end as i don’t focus enough on my body and resting it and letting myself be still as im a busy mum who works full time. Thoroughly recommend. Thank you Lisa!”– Nancy Leigh.

” I cannot recommend this Lisa’s classes enough! I hate exercise and have no co ordination . Through Lisa’s relaxed teaching style I was able to do all moves and really
felt great afterwards! She gives great advice and really sets you on the right path to being
fitter, healthier and happier about your shape! I never stick to any classes but I look forward to this class every week! Result!” – Emma

“I attended Lisa’s Warrior Goddess Kettleball today and I really enjoyed it. I love her concept – encouraging women to get fit, get strong and be healthy. I learnt how to correctly use a kettle bell and sweated A LOT! The workout was great and my favourite part was the meditation at the end- after the workout it felt so good to just lie and be still. Thoroughly recommend for anyone interested in learning kettlebell techniques and just general fitness encouragement!”– Kat

What To Bring?

Just bring yourself and a big bottle of water (at least a litre). Kettlebells and yoga mats are provided. You will also get samples of a energy smoothie and power protein balls which are all vegan and gluten free. And that super goodie bag of course!

Simply wear usual yoga/fitness wear that you are comfortable in. T-shirt/Vest and leggings are fine. You will get really warm, so just be aware of that! Classes are done bare foot or in special yoga socks if you have them. Kettlebell training is best done barefoot, in the yoga/martial arts style.

What you should expect?

Here’s just a little snippet…

At the start of the workshop we will talk about the history of kettlebells, why they are so fabulous, why you need to prioritize building lean muscle and getting lean, strong and curvy the Warrior Goddess Way. You will enjoy a “raw vegan protein shot” called the Green Goddess designed to fuel your body for optimal fat burning and muscle sculpting during the practice.

You will then enjoy a long mindfulness meditation to prepare your mind for focused me time, drop your body into parasympathetic mode of rest and digest and centre yourself. This is followed by a challenging and sweaty martial arts inspired warm up, a step by step tutorial on key kettlebell moves, followed by high intensity kettlebell circuits to turn you into a fat burning machine and finalized with a yoga and tai chi inspired stretch and meditation series all carefully designed to help you get lean, strong and curvy and feel empowered inside and out.

Here’s what more warrior goddesses had to say:

“Had a lovely couple of hours learning about looking after myself. I am 50, overweight but I got through the class without feeling intimidated. Lisa was lovely and encouraging and the other classmates were kind and friendly x”- Stephanie.

“Just back from Lisa’s Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Workshop. Absolutely loved it, not only was it fun but it was very informative. Lisa takes her time to explain the theory behind each move and ensures that the steps to achieving the move are broken down. I particularly enjoyed the yoga stretching at the end, my muscles definitely needed it! Can’t wait to use my goody bag products. Thank you Lisa” Caroline.

Where is it ?

Held in our studio in Unit 11a Owen O’Cork Mill, 288 Beersbridge Road,  Belfast, BT5 5DX

Click on map below.

When is it and what does it cost?

Usual Ticket Price £25 |

Suggestion Donation £15 or £20 |


Bookings are made online and in advance. All bookings are non refundable.




Progressing to the full Beginners Programme

Once you have completed your Beginners Workshop you can join the full Beginners Programme and become a fully fledged member of the Tribe. Find out more here.


Can’t attend a weekly class or have far to travel?

Attend regular monthly workshops and combine with our Home Based Online Programme to get your Warrior Goddess Body- lean, strong and curvy!


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