Your place in the next Challenge is locked and loaded.


Download your challenge pack and submit your entry before Monday 4th June at 5pm to be a part of the group and be in to win!

Get ready by downloading the Challenge Pack and return it before 5pm on Monday 4th June.

This will provide you everything you need to get started, to complete your fatloss, fitness and strength testing and stay on track with your daily accountability.

You can’t change what you don’t measure.

And seriously, you have to be in it to win it!


This challenge will help you to:

  • stay motivated and focused on your workout plan and ensure that your workout happened
  • get added accountability to stay on track with your nutrition, tracking meals, calories or macros and ensuring you meet your eating targets everyday
  • focusing on self care and recovery to keep going and finding balance
  • a bit of friendly competitive spirit to keep your motivation 

And it is proven to work to push you to feel better and achieve your body shape change goals.

Download your Challenge Pack:

Completing the challenge pack:

  • Draw a line in the sand with your fatloss, fitness and strength and measure your current levels so you can see how you improve.
  • Take your before and after photos and take full body measurements
  • Download 4 Weeks of your Daily Accountability Tracker
  • Be sure to post your workouts, meals and Proothies with #ithappened