Waist Training… good or bad?

Lisa Barwise waist training corset

Maybe you’ve seen this on Instagram or seen the Kardashians wearing them.  Not that it is an endorsement in itself but the idea of waist training is not new. I was approached by Cinch Corsets to try and review their Active Wear Corset while I was working out and during my fitness classes and although I was skeptical at first, my mind is now firmly in the positive camp.  So much so that I am now recommending them to my clients.   Why? Because they help.  And let me tell you how… Waist training lets you know where your waist is Most of the clients I work with at the beginning don’t really know where their core is, their hips are or feel their lower back muscles.  By wearing a corset you bring attention and awareness to these areas which means you are more mindful when exercising and can bring to get better movement and strength. Corsets protect your lower back and abs Clients of mine with lower back issues such as dystectomy or mums who suffer from diastisis recti find that the corset provides additonal support for healing and still allows them to exercise   Wearing a corset when…

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Healthy Snack Bar Review

bars review

I have been bringing samples of healthy snack bars to my classes for my ladies to taste and thought I would look at each of these bars in terms of nutrition, benefits and recommendations. So, let’s look at 5 of the most easily accessible snack/protein bars:   Eat Natural Fruit & Nut Bar Dark Chocolate Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Honey Nakd Cocoa & Orange Trek Peanut Power Energy Bar 9 Bar Super Seeds Fruity Carob Hit   Eat Natural Fruit & Nut Bar Dark Chocolate: Gluten free, vegetarian (not vegan) Does include glucose syrup, honey and cocout which make it sweet 18.3g Sugars 2.1g Protein   Nature Valley Crunchy Oats & Honey: Oat gluten, wheat free, vegetarian (not vegan) Does include sugar as the second ingredient and honey 11.9g Sugar for both bars 3.4g Protein   Nakd Cocoa & Orange: Only 4 ingredients Dates, Cashews, Raisins, Cocoa with orange flavour. Gluten free, 100% vegan, 1 of 5 a day No added sugar or syrups 13.6g Sweetness from dates 3.9g protein   9 Bar: Gluten free, vegan, packed with seeds Carob is a great source of magnesium and helps with chocolate cravings 11.4g sugars 5.8g protein 202mg magnesium 54% of…

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January’s Online Detox & Body Transformation Bootcamp

Are you a December squirrel or bear? Do you stock up and enjoy every treat, party favour, cocktail, cheesepuff  or cookie passed your way? Or are you the sofa loving, never leave the house, sitting in a onesie watching Christmas movies type? Whatever way you do December, it usually ends up in the same result…. Feeling that extra jiggle already… some extra padding or Christmas stuffing?? Or just feeling sluggish, low energy and just blah…. Well, I’m here to help you out. Take action now, bank it and be ready to kick off 2016 with a new lease of life…. The results are flying in from our current Bootcamp ladies….(check them out here)   The Mummy Shape School 6 Week Online Detox & Body Transformation Bootcamp starting January 8th with: access to a classroom of 20 minute workouts, a Fuss Free Fatloss plan guaranteed to drop 5% in 6 weeks and a free bonus 7 Day Detox Plan plus 30 minute consult with Lisa Barwise   What to Expect: Convenient multi-week, Detox and Online Boot Camp program that fits your busy schedule Accountability and a supportive approach that keeps you on track to accomplish your goal Affordable package option that…

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Do you suffer from migraines?

Do you suffer from migraines? Last week I heard from more than one of the ladies in my Online Bottcamps and that they told me they weren’t able exercise, sleep or barely function on certain days due to having migraines. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t ever experienced a migraine before but having had Vertigo for a few months I can relate to some of the symptoms and want to let you know that either way I feel your pain and want to offer some help and advice. Have you ever really looked into what a migraine is and how it can be triggered? Migraine is the most common neurological condition; it affects people of all ages, social classes, races and cultures. However, two thirds of sufferers are women, and all migraineurs are more likely to experience migraine between the ages of 20 – 50 years. A migraine attack can last from 4 to 72 hours, with most migraineurs keeping well between attacks. Migraine is more than just a headache. Other symptoms can include: visual disturbances (flashing lights, blind spots in the vision, zig zag patterns etc.), nausea and vomiting, sensitivity to light (photophobia), sensitivity to…

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Tabata Training Rocks: What, Why, and How to Tabata

A Tabata is a high-intensity workout protocol that has fitness and weight-loss benefits. It is also a very short workout. Is it like CrossFit? Is it like circuit training? It is a bit of both. Tabata training is attractive because it saves a lot of time for people. It offers the maximum benefit with the least amount of time used to get those results. The name Tabata comes from the man who invented it – Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese physician and researcher. He conducted a study using an interval-based training model. His objective was to see if athletes would benefit from a 20/10 session repeated eight times. 20/10 means 20 seconds of all-out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. This adds up to four minutes total. Dr. Tabata took two groups and put them on an exercise program for six weeks. The control group did one hour of moderate-intensity exercise five times a week. The other group did the high-intensity Tabata-style training. That adds up to 1,800 minutes of training for the control group versus 120 minutes of training for the Tabata group over the six-week period. The results speak for themselves. The Tabata group improved both its…

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Why I love a good smoothie for post workout recovery

When you push through a tough workout, your muscles are constantly challenged, and their fibers begin to break down and sustain damage. The process of repairing and rebuilding those fibers, called muscle protein synthesis, uses amino acids from protein to encourage healthy recovery and muscular growth. Although any nutritious source of protein will help the process along, there are a few distinct advantages to drinking a smoothie that is full of protein after exercise. Protein powder, specifically raw vegan protein powder is an isolated nutrient source, so it provides a lot of nutrition for relatively few calories. After exercise, your body needs that nutrition to recover, but it doesn’t need enough calories to negate all the effort you put forth during your workout. For the best results, find a protein shake that contains some carbs, or blend your shake with a carb-rich snack like a banana. According to the National Sports and Conditioning Association, when you eat carbs and protein in a 4:1 ratio within 30 minutes of exercise, you’ll recover faster and actually gain more strength. This is why I love Juice PLUS+ Complete, it can help you achieve a balanced diet on-the-go. Juice PLUS+ Complete products provide you…

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5 Fast Fatloss Snack Ideas

  It has been an exciting few weeks here at Mummy Shape School HQ. From completing qualifications, new classes, new celebrity clients, new videos, new challenges and lots of plans in the pipeline. When life gets this exciting …and well busy…you have to eat a lot on the go so I’ve been focusing on food prep and healthy snacks that can fit in a handbag or nappy bag. As busy mummies we don’t always do the food preparation thing well (though honestly the better you are here the easier it makes everything I promise you… in fact we cover a whole section of this in the No More Excuses Programme). We are not going to look into the need to snack (whether emotional, lack of nutrition or poor preparation), these are whole other videos I will do for you at a later time! Let’s just look at ideas of what you can eat:  5 Fast Fatloss Snack ideas.   How are you with snacking? Do you tend to overeat? Which of these sounds the best for you?  I’d love to hear your comments below the post. As always, please share with other busy mummies just like you and remember to…

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Guide to Buying your First Kettlebell

So you are thinking of taking the step and getting your own kettlebell! Eek!  I am so excited for you. And it would be my honour to be your guide in insuring you do not make the mistakes or bad investment I have made in the past. Depending on the source you go to, there will be differing opinions on this, so I am recommending these weights based on how I see many beginners cope and with consideration to the type of training I do with my goddesses.   Absolute Beginners (those ladies who have never lifted a Kettlebell before). This is the most vulnerable group, as these ladies need as much focus to be on good form for the exercise, rather than being distracted by the struggle to hold a heavy weight too. One thing I can’t stand is feeling pressure to be strong already! I think some beginners put a lot of stress on themselves to be great, especially those who already train. Strength with Kettlebells takes time to build, and this cannot happen without first understanding what the heck you are doing. Making sure you can perform the exercise effectively before increasing the weight is SO important,…

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The Vegetarian Diet and Spirituality

Dinner Day 1

When we think about a vegetarian diet, we often connect it with the health of our physical body. For those who are concerned with optimizing their health, vegetarianism is now being promoted by many medical doctors who claim that this diet provides optimum nutrition and guards against many diseases caused by non-vegetarian foods. What, then, is the relationship of vegetarianism to spirituality? As spirituality relates to the spirit, then what connection would our spiritual essence have to the foods we eat? Although diet is commonly considered a matter of physical health alone, since the Hermetic principle “as above, so below” is a fundamental truth of the cosmos, diet is a crucial aspect of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. For diet and consciousness are interrelated, and purity of diet is an effective aid to purity and clarity of consciousness. There are other benefits to vegetarianism to help our mind and soul. Spirituality is not only concerned with our own inner development. It is a way of living in which we also have love and concern for all other life in creation. Spirituality involves bringing us closer to our true nature. Our true self is one with God. When God has created…

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Why are you a vegetarian?


You know I get asked this a lot and there is a simple and easy answer to it. Unfortunately when it comes to talking about anything that’s important to you as your values and ethics, it can quickly turn into a heated subject.  I have learned over the years that usually this questions comes at a dinner table when you are surrounded by meat eaters and you have ordered something different to them and they feel either uncomfortable about their choices (in terms of health or weight loss) or they are trying to flirt/tease me! (oh yes) So, I usually preface the answer with : ‘Do you really want to know? The reason I ask is that when I give my answer most people can get upset or defensive and I really just want to enjoy my dinner!” If said in a lighthearted, jokey manner I can sometimes diffuse a sticky situation and make light of it, or it just makes them more curious. If prompted I then say, “I do not believe in violence against animals and I believe we are evolved enough to not need them to live healthy lives and we no longer need to choose to…

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