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Meal Prep Ideas to Save Time in the Kitchen

(image from Downshiftology) Save Time, Money and Set Backs with this Meal Planning System from under 2 Hours a Week.   When it comes to healthy eating, following a new eating plan or starting any new challenge, preparation is the key to success.     Those Girl Guides are onto something there.   In fact, one study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine suggests that spending time on preparing and cooking meals at home is linked with better dietary habits for the long term.   But if you love the convenience of prepackaged foods and restaurant meals, it might be hard to go cold turkey on your take-out routine.   Luckily, planning and preparing your meals ahead of time will make healthy choices a no-brainer. Instead of running to the deli for a cold cut calorie bomb, you’ll have a home cooked feast on hand that can be heated up faster than you can walk two blocks. (Leaving you with more time to squeeze in your daily training or walking !)   And hey, you’ll save money while you’re at it.   Plus, if you’re intimidated by cooking, there are tons of sneaky tricks that can help make assembling...
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Why Strength Training Is Life Saving over 40

Why Strength Training Is Life Saving over 40 One of the most common questions I get is about injury or pain or an existing condition that we believe is stopping you from exercise. I hear it all the time, "I can't train but I have a bad knee, shoulder, wrist or I have back issues or in pain." And I get it. But I also hear, I'm not fit enough for working out or strong enough for strength training too. So what is the answer? Firstly, it is simple.  If your doctor or physio has passed you to exercise, then the rest is just about finding your own way to do it from modifications, your starting point, how much exercise to do, using what tool and of course prehab, mobility and rehab work. Strength training in relation to injury It can be just an excuse and the one thing that stopping you to get what you want. To get fitter and stronger, you have to train. Why older adult (over 40+) whose strength train at least 2 times a week had 46% lower odds of death for any reason, 5% lower odds of cardiac death, and 19% lower odds of...
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What stops women being unstoppable

What stops a women from being unstoppable? How much does our mindset, our belief and our why affect our success? How to actually be OK to set a goal and want something more for yourself Setting Boundaries and "saying NO to the good to say YES to the great" What happens when you fall off or hit a set back? Reality doesn't care if you are trying to follow a new program, results do not exist in a vaccuum and perfect settings. You need to have tools and resources and learn 'bouncebackability'. Can you see how important your MINDSET and beliefs are in any body shape and lifestyle change program, heck in ANY goal you want to achieve. Could it simply be your BELIEF that is stopping you from achieving your Body Shape Change and Lifestyle goals? Watch the full video below to get all the juicy info! If you enjoyed this video, why not SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL You can catch me live every Monday 1.30 PM GMT to give you all the Monday Motivation you need! Like my Facebook page so you don’t miss out on it! Don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram, on my Facebook...
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The Jerk

The kettlebell jerk is another overhead, ballistic kettlebell lift that uses more leg power and less upper body strength than the push press. This means that it is a more powerful lift and will allow you to perform more reps or get a heavier weight overhead than you can with the push press.   The Kettlebell Jerk is an excellent full body exercise that requires a high degree of coordination, timing, and the ability to generate maximum power in a short range of motion. Although it can be used for developing maximal strength, this movement is best suited for “work capacity,” or the ability to be strong, fast, and explosive over longer durations.   Along with the Long Cycle (also called Clean & Jerk) and Snatch, the Jerk is one of the primary events in Kettlebell Sport competition. It is most commonly coupled with the Snatch in the Biathlon event. In competition, athletes lift for five or ten minute sets for as many reps as possible with technical proficiency without putting the kettlebells down. KETTLEBELL JERK TECHNIQUE   The Jerk Has 5 Primary Technique Components: Half Squat 2. Bump 3. Undersquat 4. Stand to Lockout/Fixation 5. Drop to Rack Position   Here is a video of the full Double Clean &...
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