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The purpose of this application is to help me better understand what you need to take your health and fitness to the next level and beyond! After you're finished, schedule a time where we will brain storm and put a strategy together for your goals.

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Meet Lisa Barwise

I’m Lisa Barwise, a Human Potential & Certified Holistic Health Coach and Naturopath, Plant Based Diet Specialist and Kettlebell Instructor based in Belfast in the UK.

I consider myself a Wellness Alchemist and Fitness Femininst on a mission to support the transformation of strong women around the world: strong of mind, body and character.

Where WooWoo meets Nerdy Science

​As a personal trainer I also teach kettlebell training to get stronger and build lean muscle to change their body shape over 40.

But it is my approach to setting and achieving goals and developping grit without burnout that truly sets me apart as a Transformation Coach – true Wellness Alchemy.

I believe it is my fun and enthusiastic approach to fitness – being a total health and fitness and superhero geek- that helps my clients to reach their body and lifestyle goals.


Q: If I am already in the Sexy Strong program is this for me?

A: The Consistency Club is the 1:1 coaching program where Woo Woo meets Nerdy Science, offering both mindset and energetics tools and the nutrition and exercise science to achieve your wellness goals, all with 1:1 support from Lisa, to ensure you learn HOW to be consistent and follow through on any wellness goal.  This offer the all important mindset and character work needed to develop consistency with working with Lisa 1 to 1.

Q: How much does the Solutions Coaching Call cost?

A: Nada, zilch, nothin’.  It’s a free 20 mins chat on Zoom to help provide solutions to you in reaching your goals and to see if we are a good fit to work together.

Q: How Do I Know if This is Right for Me?

The best way to find out if we are a good fit for working together is to chat and offer solutions to your biggest challenges right now and what your next step is.

Q: Do I have to be on Facebook or Instagram?

A: We provide support in our Sexy Strong program through a Facebook Group but our coaching sessions are on Zoom and through our WGKBT App on your phone, outside of Facebook.

Q: What is the price/investment?

Program pricing is something that we would be happy to chat with you about on the strategy session. Our program is not a usual diet coach  or ‘hire a trainer’ type thing.

Rather we offer both the mindset tools as well as the actual health and fitness program in our Sexy Strong Program that teaches you how to follow through on anything you start but also the actual system to follow to get Sexy Strong and Superhero Confident, developing the strength, belief and body of a Superhero. So it not just ‘here’s a few diet tips or kettlebell workouts’ it’s a comprehensive approach that teaching you the how but also making the mindset shifts to make this transformation permanent. Because of this, it would be impossible to communicate the value via a website or text message. That being said, our Consistency Club Coaching Program IS an investment and programs starts at $1111.