What to do now:

1. Watch the video here on the how the 5 Day Proothie Challenge works.

2. You can then download the accompanying PDF which goes through the plan in more detail.

3. You then need to decide how you are going to make up your Proothies.

OPTION #1 Choose to purchase the Superfoods Drink from Juice Plus Complete

OPTION #2 Choose to purchase the Protein Works Vegan Protein and get 45% off

OPTION #3 Choose a soy free Protein fro VIVOLife and get 10% off.

to add to your Protein Smoothies (Proothies) each morning.

Not sure how to make a Proothie? Watch my recent LIVE video on How to Make a Shake/Smoothie and some tips on how to figure out what works for you.

Download our 100+ Proothie Recipe Book here which is part of our 5 Day proothie challenge>>

3. You then need to prepare yourself for the next 5 days.  We start each 5 Day Challenge on a Monday.  

4. Join the FB group where you will be posting your proothies every day and be in the running to win Proothie of the Day!


Ideas for Proothies & Shakes