Welcome !

Welcome to the first steps towards your Warrior Goddess Body...

Watch the welcome video above to get started and get an overview of the programme and click the button below to download your free programme PDF and join our Facebook TRIBE group.

Here’s exactly what to do:

1. Watch the welcome video to get started and get an overview of the programme

2. Find the first button and click it to download the full  28 Day Programme Guide. Click this button to download, save to your iPad, iPhone or computer and print out the important pages relevant to you in your eating and exercise plan.

This is your Bible and the details of the WHOLE programme. Take time to READ the whole thing ONCE from cover to cover.

3. You can then access next steps:

Step 1: Get Kitted Out with my recommended kettlebell options, smoothie makers and apps I use for Tabata training and meditation.

Step 2: Easy Supplement Guide which outlines my recommended supplements and goes into detail about smoothies, shakes and key nutrients you may be deficient in.

Step 3: Prep Week is all about completing the necessary steps to prepare yourself for getting started. From setting up your mind for success as well as going the necessary shopping

Step 4: Weeks 1-4 You can access a weekly overview, your weekly kettlebell workouts, shopping lists and menu plans broken down into each week for you.   You can access the video exercise clips directly from links in the easy to access beginners workout cheat sheets which will be emailed to you in your daily emails at the beginning of every week or find the video demonstrations in the gallery below.

Be sure to approve hello@warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com as a contact in your folder so these emails do not go into your junk.

You can access this page time and again. Simple access via the login page www.warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com/circle-login

4. Need help? Got technical issues? Then email support@warriorgoddesskettlebelltraining.com and either myself or my support team will get back to you in a jiffy!

Here’s to your Warrior Goddess Body journey,