Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Curvy.

A Carefully Designed Combination of Kettlebells, Yoga & Martial Arts for Fatloss, Fitness and Strength.

We need more strong.
And maybe just a little kick ass too.

Strength Training

Using the strength & power of the Kettlebell to build lean muscle… no bulk. Get strong inside and out and become a fat burning machine.

Cardio Fitness

A programme created from the findings of Dr Tabata and the efficiency of High Intensity Interval Training to get your fitter faster, you will totally love the explosive and fun nature on this style of training.

Martial Arts

Fat Burning and Muscle Definition from Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, Kung Fu & Kick Boxing. Plus who doesn’t love to feel a little kick ass too!

Mind & Body

Drawing from the best of lengthening and strengthening yoga poses in addition to mindful meditation to focus on reducing stress for maximum fatloss, building a strong body and strong mind.


Focusing on necessary nutrition for building lean muscle, optimising energy and guaranteeing fatloss all while giving your metabolism a much needed kick start, learn more here.


All participants get to try homemade raw energy boosting smoothies and snacks and a goodie bag to take home to optimise recovery and repletion.

Your Teacher


We need more strong. Strong Bodies, Strong Minds and Strong Characters. I love helping women to step into their power and take control, whilst being their true and genuine selves. With a combination of healthy eating and kick ass exercise, we can not only get lean but get curvy and strong too.


Lisa is a qualified kettlebell instructor, personal trainer and lover of HIIT Tabata style training to help her clients get lean, get strong and get curvy.
The kettlebell is a powerhouse of dynamic strength that is the most efficient and effective tool for women.


Known amongst her clients as a the Fairy Ninja, Lisa is from a family of martial artists, practicing from a young age. She loves kick boxing and incorporating kick ass moves from Kung Fu and Tai Chi into her classes and programmes.

What to expect from our classes and workshops:

Fatloss, fitness, flexibility, strength and meditation in a female centric environment.

  • Fun, fast, fatloss and calorie burning by up to 500 calories in one workshop.
  • Get Fit Fast with high intensity training.
  • Build lean muscle and boost metabolism to become a fat burning machine.
  • Empowering martial arts practices for fat burning and empowerment.
  • Lengthening yoga flows and stretch series for flexibility.
  • Meditation and key stress relief practices for belly fatloss.
  • Homemade raw energy smoothies and snacks.
  • Learn the secrets to forever fatloss in your 30, 40s and 50s with little known nutritional strategies to compliment strength training to get that Warrior Goddess Body.

A Carefully Designed Combination of Kettlebells, Yoga & Martial Arts for Fatloss, Strength and Flexibility.

Get Lean, Get Strong, Get Curvy.

We need more strong. And maybe just a little kick ass too.

Really enjoyed my first warrior goddess kettlebell workshop!!! I have done kettlebell classes before but Lisa takes it on another level - explaining the moves, making sure you do it right and makes it fun! Will definitely do another workshop"


I cannot recommend Lisa's classes enough! I hate exercise but I cannot wait to get to the class! Fun, chilled and she is such a little motivator! If you want to tone EVERYWHERE but want to enjoy it and not dread going then you have to get in touch and book! I'm so stressed and busy at work but it's so enjoyable that I always make time to get to her class.


I love Lisa's kettlebell classes! I wasn't fit at all when I started but the steady progression of the beginner class meant I never felt out of my depth. I love the focus on getting strong and feeling good! I have never stuck with exercise before but I really look forward to these classes and always feel much happier and more relaxed by the end of the session. Highly recommend!!!


So much in one class, yoga and warrior themed total fitness fun, couldn't ask for more than that in a class. be prepared to werk and feel it.


After a major dip in confidence and fitness, I decided to sign up to Lisa's Beginners Kettlebell course and I haven't looked back since. I am almost finished her Online Bootcamp and have just completed the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Workshop and I couldn't recommend them all highly enough. Who would have thought getting strong, fit and kick-ass could be so empowering and so much fun!




£ 30

Per Month

Early bird pricing £20
one week before start date

Book with a friend and each only pay £15

Run Monthly throughout our home studio in Owen O’Cork Mill and other Yoga Centres, Dance Studios and Fitness Centres in Belfast and around UK.

On either Saturday or Wednesday evenings.

Kettlebells provided.

Workshop performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Only 10-15 Spaces available and sell fast.

Not 2 hours of working out, rather a unique and careful combination of nutrition insights, mediation, kettlebells, HIIT training, yoga and kick ass sweat session, all designed to leave you feeling empowered, inside and out.

Includes shot of Green Goddess Power Smoothie and homemade vegan raw energy snacks and self care items in a fab goodie bag to take home.

For all levels, from enthusiastic beginner to active ladies.



£ 50

Per Month

6 Week Beginners programmes take place every 6 weeks at Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Studio, Belfast.

Thursday 7.30pm

Tuesday 6.15pm

Only 10 Spaces per class and must be pre booked online.

Kettlebells provided.

Classes performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Step by step course for women only, covering the basic principles of using kettlebells safely including proper technique, breathing and relaxation. You’ll be guided to understand safe movement building up your knowledge of moves and cardio fitness and learn to step into your power as a warrior goddess in training building your strength from the outside and inside become stronger and more flexible in body and mind.

Suitable for those new to kettlebells, new to strength training or those just wanting to get back into fitness and work on toning and strengthening their bodies.

For beginners- all shapes, sizes and levels.



£ 75

Per Month

Access 8 classes a week at the Warrior Goddess Kettlebell Studio in Belfast

Early Morning, Daytime, Evening and Weekend Classes

Only 12/15 Spaces per class and must be pre booked online.

Classes performed barefoot. No shoes and no exceptions.

Beginners Kettlebells provided but you are invited to invest in your own kit as you progress.

After attending a 2 Hour Workshop or 6 Week Beginners programme you are ready to progress as a Graduate Warrior Kettlebell Goddess.  Join the tribe for our regular weekly classes…Come once, twice or even 5 times a week to commit to your fitness….

Includes access to the Tribe of Kettlebell Warrior Goddesses online community group for daily tips, motivation and incentives.

Only for graduates of beginners programme or 2 Hour Workshop.